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Hatching eggs in glass bottles

I was walking with my 4yr old to the beach it was a setting I've seen before but this time we my child was there and we jumped in the water were bird were swimming and laying there eggs we sank to the bottom and the eggs stopped falling but at the bottom there were hundreds of glass bottles with eggs in them! Some hatched with baby birds in them some with 2 in the bottles some starting to hatch and some with freshly dropped eggs in them i crack a few bottles but I remembered i was under water and needed to take a breathe so I went above water and remembered I was just on my break at work and needed to go back but my child didn't want to go back. She reluctantly followed but as I was getting ready to walk into a job that wasn't mine i notice my child walking back toward the beach and I got upset with her and held at her in front of these people in a van just laughing and as we walked toward the doors of the store i woke up



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People who are in the process of giving up smoking tend to have longer and more intense dreams.

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God is manifested by the fact that through the devil to know what each other is suppressed and repressed only after naming the soul can express freely and find an actual God. In the New Testament is described as God's holy message is transmitted is through their dreams.


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