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a unusual trip

i was walking along a city street,the time about late evening with 2 other people,one a very close friend the other i did not know at all in waking life.there was light snow on the ground.we looked at an exhibit in the window of a store,then we went through revolving doors into a building. there was one object resembling a fluoroscope. it gave off a bright red glow. another object seemed to be concerned with radiation.shaped like an arch it used ultra-violet light. the entire place was full of unusual devices, all clearly scientific in nature, some of which i had never seen before and thus could not identify. we went to a mezzanine-like platform where we met several different people. one stood out for his aura of authority. the others seemed to be co-workers. after about 10 minutes conversation we roamed through the place. i cannot give a description of everything we saw. space does not permit it. however,for the first time i noticed that we were all wearing body armor,and this had not been the case when we first was a shiny blue-black in color. our escorts wore body armor too, but i had expected that. theirs was more a white-silver in color. also that we had holsters and scabbards, like our escorts and were very plainly carrying weapons. at a stairwell and an elevator there was



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One-third of your life is spent sleeping.

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Poised distended hands and feet The man who sleeps in this position like freedom! This position reveals his true identity. Do you like comfort, the beauty of worship and not feeding a lot of money. Your undesirable feature is that too interested in affairs of other people and you like trickiness and slander. Just remember the last gossip.


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