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Vacation gone bizzarre

I was at the airport on a little get away by myself. My ford fusion was getting transported down to where I would be so I could have access to a car. On the trip all was fine, fun and relaxation. It was time to get back to reality. I signed papers to have my car transported back and I went off to the airport. Once I landed. I had to walk to the managment office for car service issues. Security checks all your identification and so forth. As I am speaking with security. No one can find my car. It is dark out and there are few people. One worker comes up to me and hands me the second set of what looks to be exactly like my car. I thank them, take my paperwork back and go down to the gate. In the gate area, it is dark with barely any light. Iím tired and just ready to get home. I click the alarm to find where my car is in lot 34. I get in the car and and look for more paperwork that was supposed to be in my glove compartment. No paperwork is there, Iím thinking this is odd but maybe I missed it since Iím tired. I get home but as I go to get out of the car I notice that I must be sleep deprived for a looked like the car doors were opening upward instead of out. Than I go to bed. The next morning I walk out looking for my car. My car is nowhere to be found. I click the alarm and the alarm goes off to a black car in front of me that car doors open upward. I run into the house to sit down with my mother and explain the situation , after that I get on the phone with the police and the airport security. All who understand it was the airport securityís situation that was wrong. Turns out that my car was never transported back and they were going to get on that situation right away. Once the car was back with me, the dream end.



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According to a research study, the most common setting for dreams is your own house.

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It occurs at different ages, especially in children aged 6 to 12 years .. It is estimated that about 15 percent of children in this age. Over time, this disease of children grow up. Typical behavior is manifested by a sleepwalker sits on the bed, gets up and starts walking.


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