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What is sleep

Sleep is a daily change of consciousness, which perforce they receive. We must accept the fact that our brain needs to relax and our body needs to recover all the energy and biological processes that consume the day. Each person 75 years of his life devoted 25 years of sleep. Every day we sleep on average 7.2 hours a day, the weekend is about 8.5 hours longer. For babies it is more about 20 hours a day, reportedly half of it is dream sleep. Many people suffer from various sleep disorders, mostly due to stress, strain or illness, but also often unsuitable environment.

Sleep has 4 stages

  1. Falling asleep, the boundaries of wakefulness and sleep, lasts several minutes
  2. Stable sleep, the heart beats more slowly, decreasing blood pressure and increases muscle relaxation. approximately 15 minutes after we fall asleep
  3. NonREM sleep deep, very important for our health, about an hour after we move again briefly in 2 phases and after the coming phase 4
  4. REM dream sleep, measuring the electrical activity of the brain was found to fully come to life that most parts of the brain that are little used during the day, breathing and blood pressure values ??as a gain in wakefulness, REM sleep, the more detail in another chapte

During sleep our brain is excreted gland hormone melatonin, (in the U.S. come in tablet form). Secretion of this hormone is controlled by light. Unfortunately, in today's modern era full of artificial lighting our brains deceive. Of course, it is best to maintain a regular cycle time to sleep and waking. Afternoon sleep is ideal only about 30 minutes and until 15:00 pm, because otherwise the rule becomes effective 1 hour daily sleep = 2 hours of sleeplessness at night.





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