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Facts about dreams

Dreams are the heart of our communication with our knowledge of what is beneficial for us as a complete being.

Dream is a natural fact of nature, not artificial, artificial man. Provide psychological facts.

They show how they typically behave and what is happening in our soul and body. Attention to what you neglect what we fear and what bothers us and show us possible solutions. The dreams can be revealed great secrets of life, but also advice for a typical situation..

Great emphasis is put on the dreams of our interpersonal relationships.

They inform us about what is happening around us and give us an opportunity to solve problems before they become serious.

Dreams are condensed. They use personal information from the past that are relevant to the current problem and situation.

Dream doesnt explain context like either-or, if then, because the only time, etc. It can sort the information.

Dream uses images and symbols, which the man met in my life. He speaks to us is our own language. Emotions are expressed in dreams, as in real life, joy is joy, anger is anger, etc.

The so-called. Big dream is one that is abnormally alive with us, or for several nights again.

The dreams always have meaning, even if they can not be reproduced through language and reason clearly explained. In dreams it is necessary to empathize and let our thoughts, to dream playing around.


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