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Types of dreams

Common Dreams

Tell us about everyday things of life. They are diverse as well as our lives.

Recurring dreams

One dream we can be repeated many nights in a row. Is it urgent for us to stored communications, which is not advisable to ignore. Necessary to begin immediate work with dreams and the communication get to the bottom.

Bad dreams

We all have problems in life, we try to avoid, but don´t deceive subconscious. Horrible dream is just a tool to force consciousness and not to avoid things addressed.


Archetypal dreams

Come from the depths of our souls and dealing with general principles of life. They contain many spiritual symbols taken from fairy tales and mythological stories. Because we are overwhelmed by them many times have the urge to tell someone. It is necessary to adopt their contents as part of its self.

Lucid dreams

In these dreams, realize that we perceived the story seems just a way we can change the content of the dream according to our wishes.




Dreams prescient

Explain as a fact that the unconscious already knows what happens inside because it has already happened. So as you can according to the theory of probability to calculate some data to be 90 percent, so our consciousness by knowledge of its environment, people, environment, etc. can predict how things will probably evolve. Such dreams can be indicative of such physical problems or major changes such as new job, a long trip, a major change in the lives of your neighbor.

Telepathic dreams

G. Jung described this phenomenon as synchronicity, when two seemingly unrelated things take place in mutual relation. For example. about someone and you feel the next day you meet him, even if you are not in contact with him for several years. Even if no plot, mostly trying to inform about a disaster that hit close to sleeping person. Often it is death or mortal danger. Provide the possibility of events rather than the fact that it turns into reality.

Prophetic dreams

Prevent significant future events relating to the larger number of people (transport passengers or spectators of sporting events, or even whole nations). Via collective unconscious we are all connected, so we can pass information.Tyto dreams come by themselves and seem to be sensitive only to individuals who have in mind are all organized and balanced.



Children's Dreams

Children are most vivid dreams. Nightmares may indicate not only the souls of children's conflicts, but also his psychological development. Children 3 to 5 years Vesna are often attacked by animals. At the time of puberty at about age 13 to 16 years, children often seem dreams that makes them wake up to a certain behavior. Force a different situation and behave oddly, I would not behave normally


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