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Dream Symbols

Symbols are words used by dream language. Symbolic language of dreams is to listen, to be inspired by him, carried away. Chew it, returning to it again and again. For each person can have different meanings of symbols, depending on how the access and the human personality and his views.

It does not matter if the symbol is a simple or complex, each representing a part of our soul, or memories, advice, etc.

Dream uses images of people, animals and objects, but are important feelings and memories that evoke in us. Dream exaggerates, exaggerates, exaggerates, summoned us to the information noted. It is more typical features and characteristics that the specific object, animal or person actually has. Symbol in a particular dream becomes a concrete meaning. Using a dreambooks, for example, where the interpretation of a black cat - the money into the house, is a waste of time. But it should be noted that even they can find a lot of archetypes because they are constantly rewritten and updated. Veic good inspiration can be lexicons dream symbols.



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