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The Greeks built a shrine, the dream oracles, which were used purely for the tunes and dreaming those dreams.

  Recognize hypno gods, the god of sleep, and the god Morpheus, who told them of sleep warnings and forecasts of   the future. Often people in these shrines were treated in the belief that God will visit the sleep health Asklepios.

  One of these temples was the Temple at Delphi, where he also carved the inscription: Know myself!

  Oneirocrtica is a collection of five dream-book written by the Stoic philosopher Artemirodosem. (Greek oneiros - Dream) Even though it was already on the modern snare, then gave it great importance to the philosopher of the human personality and the environment in which they live.

Great importance especially gave great importance to recurring dreams. He then observed that the importance of big dreams , full of archetypes that affect the future of man and show the image of his mystery.

The philosopher Socrates regarded dreams as the voice of conscience. The student believed that in dreams live wild and untamed part of the soul.



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