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Colour in dream

Green symbolizes the fertility of nature generally. In dreams can express your personal growth and development of your personality. It's color harmony.

Red can represent passion, anger, aggression. but also the ire of sexual excitement, power, or danger. For someone like the color of blood may be a symbol of life or death.

Grey -featuring old age, death or depression. Grey fog can obscure the stage represent mean

Black - may represent evil, deep depression, death. It can also express your ignorance,dark unknown,but the respectof very aspect of our self. Also maybe disorientation.

Gold  - is associated with the sun and may represent new life, self-renewal, the development of your mind a soul.

Silver   - can present something valuable in your life with regard to your personal growth and also intuition.

White   incorruptibility, innocence, peace, happiness and joy.

Blue - blue color of the sky. It is a healing color of relaxation and peacefulness

Purple this color combines this material with the spiritual. Represents a renunciation of something, selflessness and meditation.

Turquoise -  room,honesty,the liberation of the soul.

Purple - symbolizes dignity, respect and hope, It is designed to elevate soul.



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