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Herbs for Better Sleep

There are a number of plant essences and teas that support our brain to create not only more dreams, but mostly better and stronger, which can better remember. Generally, we advise you in every pharmacy and shops with herbs. Beware, keep in mind that nothing should not exaggerate, it is necessary dosing and not to use herbs for more than a week up to 14 days and then stopped for a time, or replace with jinou. Dont use alcohol and other drugs, which only makes the brain confusion.

Lemon Balm (Melissa Oficinalis) - you can prepare a salad of a handful of lemon balm, white wine and honey. This take minutes. two hours before bedtime. Dory will guarantee you not only sleep, but very vivid dreams.

The teas generally supports the body and calming sleep activity is also clearly Balm, as well as St. John's and reportedly also the tea leaves of roses ..

The most famous is the so-called essences Bach essences that are used 3 times daily for about 14 days. The effect should be even longer when you are not using the drug.

Lime Blossom - Prepare bath from linden flower,: napus a bath of hot water pour into it a handful of flowers, dip them and let steep for a while, wait then water temperature drops in the bath so as to be suitable for swimming. Then rub the whole body rough washcloth to your blood punp into whole skin. Exit without shower bath, body only lechce dry. Thus relaxing them to sleep Lie down and be aware that what you want to make you think.

Lavender - Prepare bath same as in the previous case.

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale), was in the distant past used to develop telepathic abilities. Reportedly, its effects allow better balance the two cerebral hemispheres.

Fig (Ficus carica) was already used in ancient Egypt because of its therapeutic effects. Fig tree has a unique feature eliminate mental blocks and uncover hidden fears. It also enhances memory, just a few drops per day.

Forget-Me-(Myosotis sylvatica) effects on brain cells so that it activates and supports their connections. Thanks to its alleged effect on the unconscious dreams is easier to remember and equip.

Coffee (Coffea arabica) used ancient beverage to strengthen the overall nervous system. Causes Coupled harmonic emotional and spiritual impulses. Generally, refreshes the mind and memory. Then, of course, do not use before going to sleep, but the morning after awakening.




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