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A lot of interesting informations, all about dreams and sleep

Turn off the stress - problems in inside such as fear, nervousness, extreme joy or disappointment, all cause insomnia. If you feel under pressure, you should find the cause. Being optimistic, good-natured, smiling, forgiving, seeing only the bright side of things, all are bringing a better quality of sleep.

Don´t doze - especially be sleeping long after lunch, except people can be over 60, you can relax more during the day

A regular waking time and sleep - if you go to bed at a certain time, your body gets used to it and will you sleep better

Evening exercise - exercise some people get tired, but do strenuous exercise can disrupt sleep. Everything depends on the age and health of humans

Be careful of what you eat - for dinner, it is said that the best palliative remedy is delicious food. It should be noted that the dinner would be just a drive away hunger. Don´t overeat and especially hard to avoid digestible dishes. At the same time avoid an night drinks like tea, coffee. Someone does not recommend or acidic drinks, juices, wine, etc. Do not drink much, your body makes at night to go to the toilet.

Do not smoke - and certainly not in the room where you sleep. Smoke from cigarettes leaves a smell in the room unclean air. Too much nicotine keeps people awake.

Do not drink alcohol - prevents large quantities of slee

Important tasks to complete - before you go to sleep, it might happen that they will still think and leave you in peace

Do not go to sleep earlier - until you are feeling tired. If you still want to sleep, have fun with something. Maybe read a book, watch something inexpensive on television, listen to quiet music. When you just lie in bed, you sleep a lot later.

Fatigue - people believe that the constant repetition of certain activities, bring a man to sleep. Read a thin, bright book with small letters.

Sleep in a familiar environment - keep yourself in your favorite pillow or plush pyjamas. All this will give you a sense of security. On the contrary, things like creaking beds, chimes hours, a dark shadow boxes on the floor, flashing lights, etc. have a negative impact on your peace of mind.

Ideal conditions - quiet and airy environment, darkened, temperature 18 degrees Celsius, humidity around 50 percent

Udělejte si v mysli pořádek – nejlepší je metoda meditace , snažit se na nic nemyslet , soustředit se na svůj dech a uvolňovat se při tom. Jiní počítají po pořadí ovečky a někdo v mysli dokola opakuje jednu frázi.

Když se probudíte – uprostřed noci , tak se v žádném případě nedívejte na budík nebo hodinky. Tím si se programuje Váš vnitřní budík na tento čas. Začnete počítat zbylý čas do probuzení a to nedá zase klidně usnout.


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