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 Dream title : black panther 

Dream story : A black panther was walking next to my niece while she was in the bathroom. I was in the hallway and just silently watched as the panther walked away.

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  ant   bat   bath   black   hallway   king   mountain   room   walk   walking
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Ant - seea lot of work, a large number
ant - ant in dead or inactivepoor work organization
Ant - tweaking theevil conflicts between people
ANT - bunch of them crawling out of the house and jaws npublic statement
ANT - bunch of them crawling out of the housegreetings from illness
ANT - bunch of them crawling into the houseillness and death
Bat - seeis dubious success in the shops
Bat - Catchearly recovery
Bath - in warm waterheal sick, the healthy p?itíží
Bath - in a full bathtubdisease
Bath - in muddy waterscrash
Bath - in pure watergood luck and health
Bath - someone else to seeloss
Bath - lukewarmhealth, happiness, joy
Bath - and see if you go into itpass your concerns
Bath - if you prepare itsiege of the city
bath - murkyfire
bath - in the roomgrief
bath - be it to sweat and diseasebusiness interruption
Bath - with muddy watermisfortune, illness, failure in love
Bath - with hot waterpoor health, barriers to trade
Bath - with clean watergood luck, health and success in love
black - speak with himwill receive a message far
black - see itsad news
Hallway - with large windowsyou got the gift of human nature poznávati
Hallway - with dirtpath and money
Hallway - dimgrievous state of mind, whether grave
King - of cardsloss, theft
King - dying to seelearn something new
King - three holy kings to seegood luck and health
King - Emperor or seelucky
King - to the house at the tablewin court dispute
King - to the househonor and property
king - or queen seen them speakyoure rich, honor
Mountain - MountainSee: Hill,
Mountain - descend from itsmaller, but the net profit
Mountain - seen herreligious celebrations
Mountain - in the cloudsyour infidelity
Mountain -climb upyour life, victory over something
Mountain - collapse seenhave a strong enemy of persecution
Mountain - descentwrong
Mountain - on the ascendexertion, discomfort
Mountain - top soilyoure in a lot of hardship
Mountain - throw down hersorrow
Mountain - seen covered with green treespromising future
Mountain - seen the ruins of a dreamabandon the intention
Mountain - with a nice castle to seeendurance, toughness
Room - darkgrave
room - emptydebts and poverty
Room - dirtyarguments
Room - Roomsilent moments
walk - quicklyyour issue is hasty
walk - on wooden legschange in their service
walk - and then come backloss
Walk - closebarriers
Walk - Widegood time
Walk - walk backdo not understand myself well or neighborhood
Walking - slowdo something of the balance sheet and surely
Walking - solid, some walkinguse caution when working

Gray - featuring old age, death or depression. Grey fog can obscure the stage represent mean.




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One-third of your life is spent sleeping.

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