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 Dream title : Flying car  

Dream story : Driving on the freeway overpass very very high. Freeway all of a sudden is Goan I begin to fall while other cars fly. Not me

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  ass   beg   car   fall   fly   flying   lying   sud
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ass (bum) - seen herconfusion in the shops
ass (bum) - Womens seenoccupy themselves with trivialities
beg - begmisery and distress in the family
Car - seen itextinct things
car accidentYou chose the wrong direction
car - quickly flies forward with youserious illness
car - a bill to seegay movement in the shops
car - a bill to seepermanent employment and good
car - beautiful to see and sit in itget rid of the worry
car - even horses fall into the pitdeath
Fall - over somethingexplanation dostati
Fall - or stumble, but to capture thebe saved from calamity
Fall - from a height or into the wellunhappiness, loss of respect, property
Fall - with the housecaution in all dealings
Fall - and the damage will be doneexperience a lot of adversity
Fly - FlySee: Masa?ka, flies,
Fly - killhostility
Fly - more of them togethervarious sorrows
Fly - in the nose or mouthserious illness
Fly - brandished them before someonemany enemies
Fly - fly a lot to seeshall have enemies and be persecuted by them, grief, experience affront
Flying (Flying) - flying (fly)Probably want to escape something or someone. Or perhaps you want to look at problems from the air and find a solution, if you want to rise in the spiritual or intellectual sense. Find a way to fulfill this desire.
Flying (Flying) - from place to placeprice for works
Flying (Flying) - straight upinjury or death
Flying (Flying) - from top to bottomvery high age
Flying (Flying) - to fly and fallinconvenience
Flying (Flying) - the skyis good servants, but also the way a deadly disease
Flying (Flying) - farnice day, good luck in business, praise
Flying (Flying) - up into the clouds and to remain theredeath
Lying (Lie) - military campmothers protect their daughters
Sud - which flows fromloss
Sud - seeattention to gluttony
Sud - more full of themwealth
Sud - a beer to seestores are on track
Sud - lie in the eventoo much filosofy, like you had in mind

White - incorruptibility, innocence, peace, happiness and joy.




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