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 Dream title : cutting of index finger 

Dream story : In the dream I saw an animals leg, more like a chicken leg and the shortest "finger" was cut off. And then I heard a voice saying...the index finger shall be cut off.

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  animals   chicken   cut   ear   finger   hen   ice   tin   voice
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Animals - AnimalsSee: Animals
Animals - fight with wild beastsovercome their own mistakes
Animals - to see the forest animalsindicates success in matters of planned
Animals - bold, seedamage
Animals - wild roar gamepassions
Animals - huntedindicates success in love and family happiness
Animals - to catch itmeans poor health or financial loss, as well as disappointment in love
Animals - anygood luck with great personalities
Animals - skinny seendisease
Animals - wild chasepraise
Animals - be persecuted wildlifeyou have sins
Animals - Stuffed Animalsmean danger to your family
Animals - stuffedDo you want to get the respect that they do not.
Animals - the large number of animalsproblems and difficulties in employment
Animals - grazing animalssign are loyal and honest friend
Animals - grazingOne swallow does not spring yet and win some you get too expensive.
Animals - many wild, but tamego in danger
Animals - talking animalsmean your defeat in the struggle for promotion at work
Animals - speakingDo not let people poked fun of you!
Animals - tameAn unknown person wants you to prepare yourself for success and decorate it with.
Animals - to feed the animalsgood living in the future
Animals - feedSuccess is like a woman who wants to be conquered.
Animals - to feed the animalshappiness and life in abundance
Animals - the strokewarns of uncertain participation in projects
Animals - Petspeace and harmony at home and satisfaction in love
Animals - wild animalslong way, which causes your dissatisfaction and financial loss
Animals - WildRudeness and vulgarity good for people.
Animals - Wildfacing a future disaster
Animals - AnimalsSee: Animals,
Animals - Animalsanimal instincts or lust shall be incorporated into a dream
Chicken - seeinsult to expect
Chicken - eatgloom
cut - nice graingood shops
ear (cob) - seethe joy of the work
ear (cob) - more of them shall bindincoherence, property discord
ear (cob) - a wreath on the head of which shall havemedals and promotion
ear (cob) - gathergood shops
ear (cob) - If you collect isgood deal
ear (cob) - is to disposebad ratios
Ear - blockedfalse
ear - shall have largevery pleased you friends, especially women
Ear - cut byyour property is odzvon?no
Ear - filthydamage from relative
Ear - podrápanéshame on the part of relatives
ear - to hear themsin
Ear - less than we haverelatives fall into debt
ear - if a woman coveredadultery
ear - and more beautifulgood rumors
ear - one to seecurious neighbor
finger - losemeans damage
finger - Committedaccidents in the home
finger - in the mouthshyness
finger - index finger on her lipsnevyzrazuj
finger - index finger in the eyeridicule
finger - index fingerWarning
finger - you burnto the temptation dostati
finger - five of them blackburglary
finger - five of themtheft
finger - the thumb tucked into the other clamped prdo not wait
finger - the thumb between the forefinger and middlecurse
finger - shall have the steamplot
finger - shall have a niceweighted, be revered
finger - do it to swerve and blood to seegood luck in love
Hen - with chickens to seemeans a lot of children, grandchildren, but also the loss of friends
Ice - seen in summerfutile
Ice - see, after klouzatiimpending accident, pursuit, dashed hopes
Ice - for him to walkcontact with the harlot
Ice - on the brink of the riverpoverty in the region
Tin - seeSickness
Tin - with labor inyoull be pleased
Tin - tin utensilscreated one household
Tin - Tingain and trade
Voice - calling for helpsure help
Voice - Voice"Do you hear voices in a dream that you seek advice? Be careful, not every vote" "from above" "wants to advise you properly. Concentrate on the feelings that these voices when you think about and what would the consequences of your actions may have different
Voice - a sprawlingone of your little children will become famous
Voice - nice, but you unknowngets the praise
Voice - Unknowncertain board
voice - powerful to hearGood Life
Voice - shall have faintproblems at home
voice of bird - heargossip home

White - incorruptibility, innocence, peace, happiness and joy.




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