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 Dream title : Touching pieces of shit and throwing it aside 

Dream story : I dreamed that I was walking down the street along with my husband and I saw like 5 or 6 pieces of dog pooh and I picked it up with my bare hand and just threw it aside. I don't know if I did this so wouldn't step on it but all we had to do was go around it. Why I picked it up with my bare hands I don't know. I woke up and it grossed me out! Del#2401 me out.!

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  band   dog   hand   hands   hat   husband   king   pick   piece   row   shit   side   street

  tree   walk   walking   win
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band - seehappy and loyal friends
Dog - DogSee: Greyhound, Dachshund,
Dog - kill itneighbor shut up
Dog - Mad see and be bitten by himthere is the danger
Dog - dog howlsdeath
dog - barks whenargument with a neighbor
Dog - playing with himwell in stores, reconciliation with those who offended us, renew old friendships
Dog - Bruised seenfamily disputes due to the legacy
Dog - Rustystrife in the house
Dog - Sheepdogreliability against the danger
Dog - sheareddeluded mindfulness
Dog - shall havewealth
Dog - fish seebe restless, riot
Dog - Huntingbad trades do
dog - bites theencounter with a neighbor
Dog - be attacked bydanger
Dog - Greyhound and trackerResident Evil friend
dog - hunting (hunting) dogsomeone follows your steps
Dog - Grayharbinger of disaster
Dog - teaseannoyance, hostility
Dog - Black Doggreat misfortune
Dog - Blackchange
Dog - hut to seedeterioration of the position
Dog - Whiteacquaintance a pleasant ud?lati
Dog - Whitejoy
Hand - blown womendeath of spouse
Hand - HandSee: Hands
Hand - shall have injuredmournfulness
Hand - breakmisery, death
Hand - shall have a greathard work
Hand - truncatedmortal sin
Hand - blowntruest leaves
Hand - with very short fingerstricky plot
Hand - with pursefine, tax or purchase
Hand - mightywar
Hand - shall have a smallto find themselves in poverty
Hand - kiss herawe, gratitude and love
Hand - hairy shall havefun
Hands - HandsSee: Hand,
hands - dirty or injured shall havebe at a disadvantage, have to bear contempt
Hands - based backyoure out of work
Hands - HandsAll you doing hands may smybolizovat what you do in real life.
hands - glovedwealth
Hands - on firewar
Hands - associated with otherworking together
Hands - strongdevotion
Hands - to washzískati fame
Hands - to washyoure accusing of purified
Hands - with more than five fingersreligious contemplation
Hands - a severed fingerdisease
hands - with ringswealth
Hands - render togreat friendship
hands - dirtyhard work
Hands - shall have swollenintolerance
Hands - both raisedhigh risk
hands - the hands behaveworry
Hands - Cross chestdeath
Hands - bloodycrime
Hands - Blackusury
Hat - top headceremony for a military pension per person
Hat - losecold, sorrows
Hat - Greendignity
hat - seeinto a traffic jam with dostati
hat - seelose the freedom
hat - in the windchase
hat - from sleeping on the head shall havegreat recognition of the work
hat - in the handserrands that do not enjoy
hat - who stole-lisintroduced the die
hat - an old, torn carryto count with unforeseen circumstances, hardship, unhappiness
Hat - through the eyesloneliness, hatred of the people
Hat - full of sparrowsdisorders in the family
Hat - full of shitdobudeš soon a large estate
Hat - shall have a nicecome to esteem
Hat - shall have a badunpleasant circumstances
Hat - reversehumiliation, prayer
hat - nice new head shall havesuccess, happiness, respectability
hat - on the watersamovržda water or drowning accident
hat - wearing another viewmany of you think about yourself
Hat - lots to seebig business
Hat - shall have a newhappiness and welfare
hat - yellow or reddishunwell boss
Hat - shoddyPoverty
Hat - flying upunexpected joy
Hat - Ladies man shall haveeffeminacy nature
hat - to take the foreignprofessorial absentmindedness
husband - my husband seesdistribution
King - of cardsloss, theft
King - dying to seelearn something new
King - three holy kings to seegood luck and health
King - Emperor or seelucky
King - to the house at the tablewin court dispute
King - to the househonor and property
king - or queen seen them speakyoure rich, honor
pick up something that someoneyou know what to give priority assistance to those not forgotten
piece of cake - or seen the playmet with envy what to do
row line - walk in itconquer the evil that will befall you soon
Shit - ShitSee: shit,
Shit - Findinggood luck
Shit - delete the shityou will be rejected
shit - eat shitdangerous illness
shit - mangood luck
shit - shitSee: Shit,
Side - a great and strongearly marriage and children
Side - have injuredgrief and loss of children
Street - blindyour plan fails
Tree - TreeSee: Oak, Fir, Alder, Poplar,
Tree - disproveddiseases
Tree - tall, look at himpower and the glory, the good news
Tree - seefree marriage
Tree - dry to seemeans death
Tree - old fruit, the fruit of it dostatiHeritage
Tree - with his fallloss of job, for the favor and esteem come
Tree - with beautiful fruitnews
tree - bloomingnice marriage
Tree - rusty seennear danger
Tree - sit underneathgood news
Tree - Fallingreport the disaster
Tree - také care , watergood care of the property
Tree - smash seen from flashbreak lovers
Tree - the rockcounty people come to no avail
Tree - both grew up in the housevery rare visit
walk - quicklyyour issue is hasty
walk - on wooden legschange in their service
walk - and then come backloss
Walk - closebarriers
Walk - Widegood time
Walk - walk backdo not understand myself well or neighborhood
Walking - slowdo something of the balance sheet and surely
Walking - solid, some walkinguse caution when working
Win - getbe expected arrival of a friend

White - incorruptibility, innocence, peace, happiness and joy.




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