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 Dream title : Snakes and flood 

Dream story : I'm with my best friend in a big apartment building with huge windows. It soon starts to rain. I feel a little panic. A few moments latter the city floods. I was high up enough to have a perfect view of the city. I can only see the roof tops of a house, it's red. My friend disappears, but I feel like she still there. Then a tree appears. I think it got there because of the flood. I see a branch moving in an odd way. I get a little closer. My eyes zoom in, it's a snake. It looks like a branch but it's a snake with skills and patches of wood. I move back a little frighten. I turn to see out a window. Then I turn around. My brother is in front of me holding a red and black snake. His face blank. I feel wisdom. My heart races when the snake looks at me. It opens it's mouth and I see it's teeth. Within seconds it bites my right shoulder. I wake up. I feel like something is on my shoulder. Nothings there. I stay calm and relaxed in my bed until it was time to get up.

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  apartment   back   bed   bite   black   brother   ear   eye   eyes   face   floods   friend   front

  get   heart   hen   house   ink   kill   mouth   moving   old   open   pat   patch

  pear   rain   red   relax   roof   see   snake   star   tree   view   wake   win

  wind   window   windows   wood   zoom
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Apartment - floodedyou feel the lie, and lying much anxiety
Apartment - wrongclose the unpleasant things
Apartment - ventilatedisease
Apartment - nicesure the future
apartment - clean the apartmentvisit
apartment - cleanPurity = foundation of health
Back - wearing brokebig loss
Back - shall have highridicule the pagan
Bed - BedSee: Bed,
Bed - seemeans spouse
Bed - in another country to seestrange woman for a wife or husband for a foreigner to marry
Bed - burntdeath of spouse
Bed - with a bundlemigration
Bed - uglyugly wife or husband shall have
Bed - beautifulbeautiful wife or husband shall have
Bed - foreignadultery
Bed - stand by the bedill in the house
Bed - dirty or meager seeintolerance
bed - lie in itdisease
Bed - burn to seemisfortune, illness, death
Bed - in which it rainsdebauchery
bed heater - bed heaterearly marriage
Bite - from animal or snakecomplain
bite - from a dangerous dog or a snake to avoidinvoke jealousy
bite - someonefrolic
black - speak with himwill receive a message far
black - see itsad news
Brother - If you see him dieget rid of the enemy
Brother - seen passing over itindicates a possible loss of the enemy
Brother - If you dielose the enemy
Brother - floating in the wateris a long and happy life
brother - say goodbye to himend of heartache
brother - say goodbye to himyoure sad
Brother - Brother (also cousin)friendship enemies
ear (cob) - seethe joy of the work
ear (cob) - more of them shall bindincoherence, property discord
ear (cob) - a wreath on the head of which shall havemedals and promotion
ear (cob) - gathergood shops
ear (cob) - If you collect isgood deal
ear (cob) - is to disposebad ratios
Ear - blockedfalse
ear - shall have largevery pleased you friends, especially women
Ear - cut byyour property is odzvon?no
Ear - filthydamage from relative
Ear - podrápanéshame on the part of relatives
ear - to hear themsin
Ear - less than we haverelatives fall into debt
ear - if a woman coveredadultery
ear - and more beautifulgood rumors
ear - one to seecurious neighbor
Eye - vypíchnuté shall haveYoure losing track of their issues
Eye - EyeSee: Eyes
eye - in the heart shall have, eats it when the widowhusband get rich and rare
eye - in the heart shall have, if the dream of a virginthe same
eye - shall have the heartgoods, fame and honor
eye - blindness defeated Ladynever marry
eye - blindness defeated married womanwidow, and soon dies
eye - blindness be defeateddisease, age and brief
eye - catching the gameplot
eye - corn cutMaybe poisoning
eye - corn shall havestave off boredom
eye - his movement old manfrom that day thou shalt have good luck
eye - his enemy movementbecomes the friend
eye - his movements someone p?ivolatireveal stealth
eye - his wife movementJoy of the year
eye - his movement ugly womanheartache of the year
eye - in the heart shall have, if the dream of a virginthe same
eye - shall have the heartgoods, fame and honor
eye - blindness defeated Ladynever marry
eye - blindness defeated married womanwidow, and soon dies
eye - blindness be defeateddisease, age and brief
eye - catching the gameplot
eye - corn cutMaybe poisoning
eye - corn shall havestave off boredom
eye - movement old manfrom that day thou shalt have good luck
eye enemy movementbecomes the friend
eye - his movements someone p?ivolatireveal stealth
eye - wife movementJoy of the year
eye - movement p?ivolati ugly womanheartache of the year
Eyes - EyesSee: Eye,
Eyes - hardenedtemptation of infidelity, but in vain
Eyes - water deserts themProud Heart
Eyes - seen only in one eyeinfidel ever, ever faithful
Eyes - someone viewingeye disease
Eyes - each put outmeans the destruction of hope, loss of good friends
Eyes - be fillet with tearsbad future, loss of face
Eyes - blind to seedestruction of faith and being brevity
Eyes - squinting to seedo not believe you
Eyes - shall have a beautifulnabudeš truth and wisdom
Eyes - shall have the wrongloss of species, lack of money
Eyes - large eyelid and niceglory and honor
Eyes - nudiživé treat drugrepent
Eyes - many of them shall haveappears to have hidden the truth
Eyes - be one-eyedunilaterally, not well posuzuješ
Eyes - shall have crossedhumiliation
Eyes - shall have a nicegood luck, wealth
Eyes - Redeye malady
Face - faceSee: Face
Face - gorysevere anger
Face - yellowenvy
Face - FaceSee: Face
Face - hidebad news
Face - shall have a nicegood conduct pledge
Face - nasty in the water to seehostility
Face - washinggrief
Face - paleillness or death
Floods - great to seewith its surroundings or loved ones to experience discord
Friend - Formerreturn to memories, perhaps repeating the situation
friend - to see friendsyou have to defend against them as
Friend - late to seeunexpected news, deferred marriage
friend - to see, welcometo the glory and come poctám
Friend - who see a friend thrivegood news or early meeting with the closest
Friend - seelong life
friend - to see the deceasedbrings unexpected news
friend - to see a troubled friendwaiting for you too sad or serious illness
Friend - offendcontempt experience
Friend - dead man to seejoy
Friend - standing on the mountainunexpected promotion at work, for which you neglect your friends and family
Friend - laugh dreamindicates an early break with him
Friend - with bandaged faceestablishment of new ones, which results in losses for you and problems
Friend - joke with himrupture
friend - friends in the animal formmeans to fight enemies who want to separate you from the nearest
Friend - meet himgood
Friend - meetportends an unexpected event, which will bring sorrow and disagreement
friend - to help himman himself receives help
Friend - weepingworry or frustration and failure in business
friend - dressed in bright colorsdisclose information that caused the problems and arguments
friend - to visit him or meet himstands for warmth
Friend - have to worry about itdisease or failure
Friend - say goodbye to a friends predictions of conflicts and disputes are known, it is also a sign of financial difficulties and losses
Friend - guess the dreamsignifies unfaithfulness friend
Friend - together with more to be friendsharbinger of visits from people who like to see
Friend - Friendfriendship, sadness
Friend - Friendfriends are your own person, often within the meaning brother, Wraith, etc.
Friend - FriendFor love is happiness, and early marriage
front - beautifulpower over others
Get drunk - watertorment and control from incredulity
Get drunk - with wineproperty and achieving independence
Get drunk - champagneservice for senior men
Get drunk - watertorment and control from incredulity
Get drunk - with wineproperty and achieving independence
Get drunk - champagneservice for senior men
heart - losedeath of beloved family
heart - seefervently zamilovati
heart - cutbreakup of the couple
heart - lose themdie alone
Heart - BabesSweet Love
heart - pierced with a swordEnd of Love
heart - bleeding seeninsult to experience
Heart - eatlove for each other to make sure
heart - pierced by an arrowimmeasurable love
Hen - with chickens to seemeans a lot of children, grandchildren, but also the loss of friends
House - demolished seenbarriers to delete
House - go forth from him, there thou hast eaten and drankgood health
House - actually leavegain, benefit
House - own burn or throw down to seecrash, unexpected death, loss of dear (s)
House - see burndisease, also an argument
House - come at him and talk to the deaddeath
House - in watergrief
House - in the airdeath sleeper
House - stash it appeartreasure at your
House - darksadness and Debt
House - his cleanjoyful future
House - as seendiligence
House - buildgood luck in the store and love, good and faithful servants shall have
House - buildproperty proliferation
House - buildcome to a better state
House - old to seeold friends or friends to see it again
House - with cracksbad neighbor
House - was demolished upravovatinew happiness
House - House connecting corridorunstable lover
House - nice big livingsuccessfully bussiness
House - nice and great to seestart shop
House - cobwebs and dust from it vymetatilose grief and sorrow
House - for him to climbgood luck, victory
House - shall have a small and nicequiet joy and contentment
House - small livingsatisfaction with his fate
House - a small house shall havemodest and quiet living
House - shoddyillness and death
House - a burning house without smoke and ?mouduthe owner is ill for a long time
House - burn to seeunexpected happiness
House - wooden benchmore useful
House - to give burnanger
House - demolish seenremove any obstacles
House - whitewashjoyous event
House - seepatience in suffering
House - cottage and abstinencehard work
House - to the cottage to hideseek refuge
House - Cottagesignifies loneliness
House - nice, big inherit, or as a gift in Nhappy or convenient marriage
House - shall haverich heritage získati
Ink - Inklawsuits
kill - Friendfriend borrows money, but soon is back
kill - Killcommitting injustice
Mouth - shall have a greatsuccess in politics
Mouth - shall have fullName of policy
Mouth - shall have a painfultalent in public speaking
Moving (Moving) - the skydeath
Moving (Moving) - in ground-floor cellarcareful to jail
Moving (Moving) - to betterprisoners freedom, ill health
Moving (Moving) - the worsegrief
old people lucky
old peopleblessing
old peoplefreedom and lightness
old peoplerespect , regard
old peoplewisdom
Open - somethingpump
Pat - it hurt to bemisfortune of different type
patch - patchLets just hope yet, and only in help
pear - with pearsyoull have numerous family
Pear - bloominghappy family, also an upcoming wedding
Pear (Pear) - wasps or other insects ožírati seewatch out for trick
Pear (Pear) - shaking the pears from the treegain in your business
Pear (Pear) - Dried eatweight loss
Pear (Pear) - sour chicken or see or eatannoyance home
Pear (Pear) - from worms or wasps from decayedguile
Pear (Pear) - unripe pearcome to your disappointed hopes
Pear (Pear) - eat, maturedelight
Pear (Pear) - eat a wild and bitterpain and misery
Pear (Pear) - eat, immaturesadness
Pear (Pear) - eat, goodconquer misfortune
Pear (Pear) - to hang on the treegood future prospects
Pear (Pear) - pick pearschild
Pear (Pear) - pretty on the tree to seegood future prospects
Pear (Pear) - good to see or eatovercome the inconveniences
Pear (Pear) - Pear (Pears)popularity in the place of work
Rain - RainSee: downpour,
Rain - When zmoknešvarious adversities
Rain - goldjoy and gladness
Rain - goldmoney and love
rain - bigpermanent discomposure
Rain - Silversadness and sorrow
Rain - Silvermoney and true religious
Rain - pitchinfamy, lasting sorrow
rain - slow and low valueless Property
Rain - RainIf its raining in your dreams, know that it has to do with emotions. Moderate rain is refreshing, continuous downpour brings depression.
Rain - slightannoyance traders, farmers benefit
rain - rainmore of the property
Rain - bloodybad war
Rain - dimdisease
Rain - When pushing hard into the windowsfight for your happiness
Rain - long lastingpoor, good, rich danger
rain - rain with a barrage of wind and stormdanger
Rain - Rainproperty
Red - The red-haired people to see or come into contact with thema man who thinks with you well, think it is fake just because it is different than the others, also warning against too strong passion or fury at himself or others
Red - in the eyesbrings joy
Red - Flamesmean something very good
Red - the colorsymbol of fire, glowing, hot
Red - Redin the erotic sense always understood as an expression of virility and passion
Relax - Relaxto the danger dostati
Relax - Relaxyoure in serious physical and mental work
roof - from the fallbad news
Roof - roof swallows seento take the path
Roof - walk in thetame your imagination to rob stuff home
Roof - home to seesense of home
see eat delicatessenEnjoy the delights of life
Snake - SnakeSee: Viper,
Snake - to take the goldgift from the enemy
Snake - Gold found bypowerful place
Snake - a snake to killfriends in need are rare, and surpass their opponents will change hostility into friendship
Snake - killvictory over his enemy
Snake - a snake to killsymbolizes the achievements and plans for a happy marriage and cohabitation
Snake - seen to spin and twistall kinds of troubles
Snake - snakes seenunfavorable enemies
Snake - seehear a few new
Snake - seeWarns cunning stratagems or woman, in love or happiness in marriage is threatened
Snake - see the dead snakeis a sign of sorrow waiting on you because of the false friend
Snake - see other bitepredicts that soon rashly hurt closest friend
Snake - just to seebe seduced
Snake - snake multiheadpoints to your irrational behavior that will cause grief
Snake - seen in the waterBeware of bad company
Snake - in the aircloudburst, a powerful storm
Snake - in bedinfidelity
Snake - in the cradlechild is not yours
Snake - in the lapseduction
Snake - in your pocketfraudulent documents
Snake - bites from himserious illness
Snake - hissingbad rumors
Snake - hiss heardWill you accept your enemy
Snake - seen writhingdungeon
Snake - writhingenemy is powerless against you
Snake - hear hissing snakeis a warning to you not too eager to surrender their property
Snake - with a crown to seetreasure
Snake - it rozsekatihave a property
Snake - stretched across the road so that it can notdisease and barriers to trade
Snake - overpowershame your enemies
Snake - Snakefriends will betray you and trick you will threaten
Snake - turn into a snakeVests insults and humiliation, that you become a victim
Snake - crawlingwatch out for trick
Snake - bitten by snakes becanceling a happy union
Snake - you can not escape the snakespoor hope for better times
Snake - for his wife to seea son
Snake - for his wife to see ita son
Snake - apart rozsekatiwealth
Snake - seen deadProfit
Snake - talk to heardeceive
Snake - talking toTemptation
Snake - the copper skinsome healing
Snake - his flesh to eatwin in the action
Snake - snake meat to eatreproduction farmhouse
Snake - step on it while bathingstands for problems where you expect success
Snake - step on itregardless of health is a slight health problems
Snake - tread on serpentse warning against false friend who yearns to take their place alongside your loved one
Snake - snake skin downloaded fromwin
Snake - Snakeis a warning against enemies who want to harm you, heralds in love rivals in love
Snake - snake catchis a warning against immoral lust
Snake - if it wants to bite youdisease
Snake - snake hypnotizeis a symbol that you can count on the help of friends in difficult situations
Snake - burningcriminally based fire
Snake - hatchlingsanticipate visiting fake friends who I reciprocate your hospitality slander
Snake - a longevil and powerful enemy
Snake - Children playing with snakesreported problems distinguish enemies from friends
Snake - Snakepure sex symbol
Snake - being bittensly and cunning scheming women will cause you trouble, warning against false friends or unfortunate tie
Snake - being bittenlies and falsehoods they put obstacles
Snake - being bitten snakeslander is a symbol of your people
Snake - are attacked by a snakeis warning you to give more attention to new acquaintances, who may prove to be enemies
Snake - Snakeenemy
Star (Stars) - the labor in themhuge fortune
Star (Stars) - Falling from the skydestroyed heavenly knowledge of faith, also revolutionized the family
Star (Stars) - more of them dark, poorly litgreat difficulties the state, and money
Star (Stars) - more of them shall have under his feet as ifyoure in a large office
Star (Stars) - large quantitylucky sign
Star (Stars) - weakly illuminatinggreat misfortune
Star (Stars) - with a tail (comet)close the war
Star (Stars) - is to countlose money
Star (Stars) - after the treadtread a man, which you can attain a lot
Star (Stars) - seen to falldeath, sorrow and worry
Star (Stars) - seen in the skyfortune in love, a good sign
Star (Stars) - on the foreheadgreat fame in the arts
Star (Stars) - bright light to seebrighten you in mind
Star (Stars) - clear, brightgreat joy for all
Star (Stars) - seen cleaning the starsillusion
Star (Stars) - Redgreat misfortune throughout the country
Tree - TreeSee: Oak, Fir, Alder, Poplar,
Tree - disproveddiseases
Tree - tall, look at himpower and the glory, the good news
Tree - seefree marriage
Tree - dry to seemeans death
Tree - old fruit, the fruit of it dostatiHeritage
Tree - with his fallloss of job, for the favor and esteem come
Tree - with beautiful fruitnews
tree - bloomingnice marriage
Tree - rusty seennear danger
Tree - sit underneathgood news
Tree - Fallingreport the disaster
Tree - také care , watergood care of the property
Tree - smash seen from flashbreak lovers
Tree - the rockcounty people come to no avail
Tree - both grew up in the housevery rare visit
View - beautifulfamily life, also visit
Wake - to fall in itbarriers
Wake - ubírati ityoure in great luck
Wake - on the fieldwealth, happiness
Wake - her plowbig profit in the future
Win - getbe expected arrival of a friend
Wind - carries you to another placeget rich abroad
Wind - northlose the property
Wind - a sudden and powerful hurricane, tornadodisaster
Wind - when the wind blowsfeud
Wind - as the tree breakspay cut
Wind - leaning against the back on your wayhelp will be given to you
Wind - hotillness and grief
Window - from his fallindicates the trial
Window - get out of itpositive future does not seem
Window - in the back of the house shine to seerelative early loss
Window - shine in front to seedeath of a relative or friend
Window - dirtydisorders in the house
Window - open to seehappiness in the home
Window - window table to seein a difficult situation dostati
Window - climb ittheft
Window - creep outdisaster in the shops
Window - crawl inis good, friendly welcome
Window - widewell act
Window - Windowinnate intelligence
Windows - wideevil life
Wood (Wood) - bite to seedeath
Wood (Wood) - bitediligence and success
Wood (Wood) - sculptinglarge number
Wood (Wood) - Drywatch out for possible fire
Wood (Wood) - gather or pile to seegreat regret, many suffering
Wood (Wood) - slashcoffin
Wood (Wood) - burnarsonist around
Wood (Wood) - bearinto poverty dostati
Wood (Wood) - seen on water Sailingbroken hope for happiness
Wood (Wood) - at the fire throwingsplurge
Wood (Wood) - Wetfloods
Wood (Wood) - buyyou fall in need
Wood (Wood) - buysoon find yourself in need
Wood (Wood) - Wood (Wood)permanent good
Zoom - Zoomclicks

Red - can represent passion, anger, aggression. but also the ire of sexual excitement, power, or danger. For someone like the color of blood may be a symbol of life or death.




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