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 Dream title : stolen purse  

Dream story : I was on a bus in mexico and they stoled my puse with all my hold jewelry.

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  bus   jew   jewel   jewelry   old   purse
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Bus - see emptyindicates early recognition and honor
Bus - full of passengerspredicts satisfaction in the shops
Bus - ride byis warning of conflicts and misunderstandings with friends, the ill-judged before pledges
Bus - be a driveris enough predictions and unexpected happiness in love
Bus - BusRID wisdom and you will reap
bus - the weavingsorrow of work
Jew - to see him walk withcheated, deceived be
Jew - from him to accept the serviceneo?ekávanéšt?stí, success in everything
Jew - deadcrash
Jew - kiss himgood luck in love
Jew - beat itbad judgments
Jewel - JewelSee: Diamond, Topaz,
Jewel - loseloss, debt
Jewel - losenear crash
Jewel - Ring lostbe careful with any business
Jewel - seeto the temptation dostati
Jewel - seehonor
Jewel - acceptincrease in property
Jewel - be robbed of itI will honor the slander
Jewel - carrybe proud
Jewel - wearing shall havedisgrace
Jewel - many of them to seegreat pleasure, also tempted
Jewel - shall havegreat honor achieved
Jewel - buybenefit in trade
Jewel - Jeweltruth shining out of good nature, a gift
jewelry - the dirtygood luck
jewelry - be dirtydisease
Jewelry - carrywealth for women, men chase
old people lucky
old peopleblessing
old peoplefreedom and lightness
old peoplerespect , regard
old peoplewisdom
Purse - carrysuppress
Purse - Full viewsuccessful business

White - incorruptibility, innocence, peace, happiness and joy.




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