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 Dream title : dead dog 

Dream story : i saw chopped head of a dog in my dream

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  chop   dog   head
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chop - somethingone decisively, quickly and do not delay
Dog - DogSee: Greyhound, Dachshund,
Dog - kill itneighbor shut up
Dog - Mad see and be bitten by himthere is the danger
Dog - dog howlsdeath
dog - barks whenargument with a neighbor
Dog - playing with himwell in stores, reconciliation with those who offended us, renew old friendships
Dog - Bruised seenfamily disputes due to the legacy
Dog - Rustystrife in the house
Dog - Sheepdogreliability against the danger
Dog - sheareddeluded mindfulness
Dog - shall havewealth
Dog - fish seebe restless, riot
Dog - Huntingbad trades do
dog - bites theencounter with a neighbor
Dog - be attacked bydanger
Dog - Greyhound and trackerResident Evil friend
dog - hunting (hunting) dogsomeone follows your steps
Dog - Grayharbinger of disaster
Dog - teaseannoyance, hostility
Dog - Black Doggreat misfortune
Dog - Blackchange
Dog - hut to seedeterioration of the position
Dog - Whiteacquaintance a pleasant ud?lati
Dog - Whitejoy
Head - see bareutrha?nosti you learn
Head - Greatwealth
Head - utnou if her wifedelivery of a son or loss of a man
Head - utnou if itfreedom, healing, relief from the pull-through
Head - cut off to seelose the good fans
Head - fatsome luck
Head - wash yourselflittle need no drugs
Head - each sheardangerous illness
Head - he cut off anothergood luck to you, your enemies crash
Head - with matted hairdisputes
Head - with many hairtalent, talent
Head - with long hairbe honored
Head - with black hairlong living
Head - growth seenyou will be liberated from poverty
Head - disheveled seedisputes
Head - tousledmess around on you and you
Head - hornedfinding money
Head - pigunclean thoughts in your head
Head - eat sheeps headfinding money also win
Head - shearedshame of bad work done
Head - Wash herGetting out of emergency
Head - sword injuredgreat gift
Head - bald seeinsult to experience
Head - Bloodyinvention
Head - drawn or painted head to seediligence
Head - goatsensuality
Head - Horsehave a horse temper
Head - cut off when sleepingfreedom, comfort, healing and stability of luck
Head - if it sticks to the virginloss of virginity
Head - if it sticks womanearly widowhood
Head - how to stick it to youbad old
Head - bald head to seebe ridiculed
Head - bald head shall haveattain a high age
Head - sheardangerous illness
Head - baldshame
Head - if it hurtsless loss
Head - shall have soreloss of any claim
Head - Whitepublic esteem
head - injureddamage




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One-third of your life is spent sleeping.

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