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 Dream title : Black goat 

Dream story : I was fighting with a black goat in a beautiful garden full of flowers and trees.

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  black   cat   fig   fight   flowers   garden   goat   pig   tin   tree   trees
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black - speak with himwill receive a message far
black - see itsad news
Cat (Cats) - were deadconcerned dies
Cat (Cats) - seems to be someone that deals with the catfall into the hands of thieves
Cat (Cats) - kill a catmeans that the enemys intention to turn away bad
Cat (Cats) - see it as hunting birdssomeone will be discussed in your documents and matters
Cat (Cats) - seen herSpin lurking around you.
Cat (Cats) - seein every respect a bad sign, firstly swerve from friends and acquaintances, or disappointment in love
Cat (Cats) - see lie or sleepwell-being unwell a control
Cat (Cats) - see her with kittenswill experience a lot of misbehaving badly behaved children
Cat (Cats) - see blackis evil
Cat (Cats) - in waterfalsity truth uncovered
Cat (Cats) - in beddouble falsity
Cat (Cats) - in the cradlefake baby
Cat (Cats) - torment because it killedCan you fend off nasty opponents.
Cat (Cats) - Trigood luck to the house
Cat (Cats) - beat or killedcapture the thief
Cat (Cats) - sleepsand evil sleeps
Cat (Cats) - meow or Lysette her screamdraws you into gossip and slander
Cat (Cats) - to defend against themattack from thieves
Cat (Cats) - meow echo (for men)contentious is his girlfriend, and she will try to control
Cat (Cats) - meow echo (for a young girl)warns deceitful lover
Cat (Cats) - meow echoes (industrialist or merchant)attention to the unfaithful and dishonest employees
Cat (Cats) - meow echomeans that the false friend trying to hurt you in every possible way
Cat (Cats) - scare off catsmeans that surpass all difficulties, attain fame and wealth
Cat (Cats) - from scratched or bitten by them beyou fall into bad hands
Cat (Cats) - be bitten by them or be scratchedto get bad hands
Cat (Cats) - on the treecounterfeit money and documents of unknown
Cat (Cats) - capturing the mousestop a thief stealing
Cat (Cats) - miaouConvention for theft
Cat (Cats) - many catsYour subordinates plotting treason.
Cat (Cats) - a young woman who dreams of holding the trapshould refrain from any indecent act in which it will induce others
Cat (Cats) - shall have with meunfaithful friends or servants shall have
Cat (Cats) - cats eat meatadultery, the dearness
Cat (Cats) - forest, wildis detected a thief in the region
Cat (Cats) - lie down or sleep to seeunfavorable turn in trade
Cat (Cats) - shall have the skinpurchase of goods lost
Cat (Cats) - leather catloss will be replaced.
Cat (Cats) - to feed herExpect a little gratitude!
Cat (Cats) - and feed them to playingratitude be repaid
Cat (Cats) - if you are the Lisasomeone is trying to flattery or cuddling you fool, that you could use
Cat (Cats) - eatadultery
Cat (Cats) - sure itYou should be careful!
Cat (Cats) - If the cat is knownhome thief
Cat (Cats) - found her skin or received a gifttheft of goods getting into the house
Cat (Cats) - as it rolls upon its back to youthief who uses your confidence
Cat (Cats) - thin and miserable catpredicts bad news from the absent man
Cat (Cats) - sillyunknown thief
Cat (Cats) - stroking hervillain you are looking for home
Cat (Cats) - stroking a catforeshadow the ingratitude of the people closest
Cat (Cats) - strokehave a good man who does not deserve it
Cat (Cats) - Black Catgreat breakout
Cat (Cats) - Black Catone of your friends fought with death
Cat (Cats) - BlackYoull be a failure in their careers.
Cat (Cats) - be it hurtPeople those harms.
Cat (Cats) - to be scratched by a catsignifies the victory of your enemy (they take your property)
Cat (Cats) - be it from scratched or bittenhave dangerous enemies
Cat (Cats) - to be attacked by catportends that you will push your friend and your private affairs to jeopardize publication
Cat (Cats) - be it scratchedtheft to the detriment
Cat (Cats) - had to be bittenthief accuses you
Cat (Cats) - hitting a catindicates somebodys betrayal
Cat (Cats) - beat itpunishing the detected thief home
Cat (Cats) - WhitePeople I flattered.
Cat (Cats) - and the doghatred and persecution of falsity fidelity
Cat (Cats) - and the catfree love without devotion
Cat (Cats) - and kittenshome thiefs companions
Cat (Cats) - Cat (Cats)substitute old female symbol in dreams men
Cat (Cats) - Cat (Cats)is a warning against misfortune or treachery and false friend
Cat (Cats) - Cat (Cats)false
Fig - ripe and sweet to eatwealth
Fig - Driedreduction of assets
Fig - eat unripeunsuccessful trial
Fig - eatk ratios are better threat
Fig - fig tree, the leaves of him rippingbe ashamed
Fig - a gift receivedfriendly treatment
Fight - take part inreconciliation
Fight - escape from battlesomebody will bring you joy
Fight - fight with someone hecome into an argument
Fight - fight aloneget to dispute
Fight - with wild animals to keep and winout of danger
Fight - with wild animals and winningsaved from the great danger of being
Fight - or fray, be presentreconciliation
Fight - fight with predatorsevil passions
Fight - fight on taking accountreconcile with the enemy
fight - with wild animalsprotect against the great danger
fight - Ridinggood match
fight - and winwith great stress get ahead
fight - fightdisputes go to
Flowers - FlowersSee: sage, Astra (s), Herbs, Imortelky, dahlias, Daisy, Iris, Lavender, Lily, Forget-Me-, Plants, Roses, Rulík, Morning Glory, boxwood,
Flowers - If you see beautiful flowersmuch joy
Flowers - pickto spoil their happiness
Flowers - ripProfit
Flowers - gather and bindconnection be expected soon
Flowers - and you collect the flowers vážešearly marriage awaits you
Flowers - If you bet the flowersyou will do a good work
Flowers - betTo be carried out good work
Flowers - cast thembe carefree
Flowers - shall have the hat, or bear armssad news
Flowers - If you have flowers and smell them in the spring of AVLjoy and happiness, in the fall and winter - grief
Flowers - when theyre embellishedjoy
Flowers - when you get them from other sexyour affection will be rewarded
Flowers - nice to seea lot of joy to experience.
Garden - neglected to seefalse be surrounded by advisors
Garden - with a high fence to seezamítnutížádosti
Garden - If you see a dream garden, know thatFenced or too broken garden fences can mean sexual inhibitions.
Garden - If you see a dream garden, know thatIf a garden overgrown with weeds on the contrary, think about how to actually get off their surroundings.
Garden - If you see a dream garden, know thatIf you see an austere path, geometrically divided into beds and everything to meticulously perfect, maybe your life is very organized and there is never a place for something unexpected.
Garden - Gardennice to walk: joy, increased property získati honor, good shops
Goat - see goatswealth
Goat - shall haveno special happiness nor unhappiness
Goat - Blackdifficulties
Goat - whitegood luck, good success in business
Goat - seewin, gain
goat he - see leapTo be carried out flawless piece
goat - he wants you shall pushtimidity
Pig - catch itanyone in your house will be caught in adultery
Pig - caress himSecret Love
Pig - beat itreprimanded for rudeness
Pig - dressed in whitesecret vices
Tin - seeSickness
Tin - with labor inyoull be pleased
Tin - tin utensilscreated one household
Tin - Tingain and trade
Tree - TreeSee: Oak, Fir, Alder, Poplar,
Tree - disproveddiseases
Tree - tall, look at himpower and the glory, the good news
Tree - seefree marriage
Tree - dry to seemeans death
Tree - old fruit, the fruit of it dostatiHeritage
Tree - with his fallloss of job, for the favor and esteem come
Tree - with beautiful fruitnews
tree - bloomingnice marriage
Tree - rusty seennear danger
Tree - sit underneathgood news
Tree - Fallingreport the disaster
Tree - také care , watergood care of the property
Tree - smash seen from flashbreak lovers
Tree - the rockcounty people come to no avail
Tree - both grew up in the housevery rare visit
Trees - slaughtered, burned by lightning, or sortingannoyance, worry, pain, despair
Trees - full of fruit to seeloss, illness
Trees - pick fruitpower and the glory, the good news
Trees - Flowering seemeans joy, an unexpected pleasure, a happy marriage
Trees - burn to seefamily disputes
Trees - leaves no seecompletion transactions




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