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 Dream title : bloody nose 

Dream story : I had a dream that felt realistic I felt pain in my noes and mouth so I turned my bed from light on and there was blood all over my hands so I went to the bathroom to wash my face and then looked in the mirror there wasn't any cuts or anything looked back at the water and the blood had disappeared :(

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  ash   back   bat   bath   bed   blood   cut   ear   face   hand   hands   hat   hen

  light   mouth   nose   pain   pear   red   room   water
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Ash - seebitter disappointment, insult
Ash - head to pour itsorry for me
Back - wearing brokebig loss
Back - shall have highridicule the pagan
Bat - seeis dubious success in the shops
Bat - Catchearly recovery
Bath - in warm waterheal sick, the healthy p?itíží
Bath - in a full bathtubdisease
Bath - in muddy waterscrash
Bath - in pure watergood luck and health
Bath - someone else to seeloss
Bath - lukewarmhealth, happiness, joy
Bath - and see if you go into itpass your concerns
Bath - if you prepare itsiege of the city
bath - murkyfire
bath - in the roomgrief
bath - be it to sweat and diseasebusiness interruption
Bath - with muddy watermisfortune, illness, failure in love
Bath - with hot waterpoor health, barriers to trade
Bath - with clean watergood luck, health and success in love
Bed - BedSee: Bed,
Bed - seemeans spouse
Bed - in another country to seestrange woman for a wife or husband for a foreigner to marry
Bed - burntdeath of spouse
Bed - with a bundlemigration
Bed - uglyugly wife or husband shall have
Bed - beautifulbeautiful wife or husband shall have
Bed - foreignadultery
Bed - stand by the bedill in the house
Bed - dirty or meager seeintolerance
bed - lie in itdisease
Bed - burn to seemisfortune, illness, death
Bed - in which it rainsdebauchery
bed heater - bed heaterearly marriage
blood - animal captureis a big shops
blood - animal bloodgood deal
blood - bloody handswarn you hurt someone, whether for yourself you will not pay attention, youre in misery
blood - from himself on the ground trickle seegood
blood - seems to be sleeping, that blood flows from itdamage
blood - flowing from the bodywell-being of business
blood - flow from the nosePurity
blood - flowing from the woundhealth problems and concerns
Blood - vysávatimoneylender will work
blood - if you see another bleedingfault, row
blood - see goredisease
blood - see the pretty colorhighs
blood - seerelease the money to the event, company
blood - seeare in anguish for a loved one
Blood - brewdeath
Blood - washThere is a covert crime
blood - flowing from the nosedisease and risk of loss of life, love in a dream indicates infidelity, disputes and quarrels in the family
blood - gore, rottenserious illness
blood - goreis a symbol of illness
blood - clottedTry to start as soon as possible with the business.
Blood - gathergood
blood - he bleedgood marks
Blood - wash itwin
Blood - in mouthsevere pulmonary disease
Blood - in mouthPeople want to hurt you and damage your reputation.
blood - spit bloodportends very worried
Blood - if impure, thick bloodface to great pains and diseases
Blood - plije the pure bloodwealth
blood - drinkgood
blood - drinkthe evil associated with the murder
blood - drinkgain in every way
blood - drinkDo you dream of a nice person.
blood - blood to drinkmeet with your wishes related to finance
blood - the blood-stained clothessymbolizing enemies, those who would obstruct the path to a career | after this dream, making new acquaintances shun
blood - bear to seebad
Blood - dirtybad company
Blood - take onistands for happiness
blood - flow on the ground to seegood sign
Blood - on the groundcrime
Blood - falling to the groundPoverty
blood - the body shall haveyou will receive an office
Blood - on your handsinvestigations, arrest
blood - in filthy clothes, but strangefraudulent profit
Blood - urinategreat misfortune
Blood - urinatewill be called quick help
Blood - koupati in itUtrpíš great loss.
blood - when you see a nice colorhighs
blood - when flows from the sleepingyou come to harm
blood - when someone is flowing fromstrife
blood - when many flowswealth
blood - the blood when youcome to the accident
blood - when you collect it from the animaltrade will succeed
Blood - spewdisease, evil
blood - dense bleedsuffering
Blood - Bottled in a containerwin, inheritance
blood - to give foodblack magic arts will act
blood - pure bleedwealth
blood - red bloodmeans joy
blood - red bloodmeans a severe illness
blood - as a streampity
blood - are bloodymeans disappointment in the family, people zasnoubeným portends difficult obstacle in the path to happiness
blood - and the snakekiller among the servants
Blood - Bloodvery different, often can be seen as sexually
Blood - Bloodyou cause you to be happy
Blood - Bloodis a bad sign, this dream usually announces the sudden death in the family
cut - nice graingood shops
ear (cob) - seethe joy of the work
ear (cob) - more of them shall bindincoherence, property discord
ear (cob) - a wreath on the head of which shall havemedals and promotion
ear (cob) - gathergood shops
ear (cob) - If you collect isgood deal
ear (cob) - is to disposebad ratios
Ear - blockedfalse
ear - shall have largevery pleased you friends, especially women
Ear - cut byyour property is odzvon?no
Ear - filthydamage from relative
Ear - podrápanéshame on the part of relatives
ear - to hear themsin
Ear - less than we haverelatives fall into debt
ear - if a woman coveredadultery
ear - and more beautifulgood rumors
ear - one to seecurious neighbor
Face - faceSee: Face
Face - gorysevere anger
Face - yellowenvy
Face - FaceSee: Face
Face - hidebad news
Face - shall have a nicegood conduct pledge
Face - nasty in the water to seehostility
Face - washinggrief
Face - paleillness or death
Hand - blown womendeath of spouse
Hand - HandSee: Hands
Hand - shall have injuredmournfulness
Hand - breakmisery, death
Hand - shall have a greathard work
Hand - truncatedmortal sin
Hand - blowntruest leaves
Hand - with very short fingerstricky plot
Hand - with pursefine, tax or purchase
Hand - mightywar
Hand - shall have a smallto find themselves in poverty
Hand - kiss herawe, gratitude and love
Hand - hairy shall havefun
Hands - HandsSee: Hand,
hands - dirty or injured shall havebe at a disadvantage, have to bear contempt
Hands - based backyoure out of work
Hands - HandsAll you doing hands may smybolizovat what you do in real life.
hands - glovedwealth
Hands - on firewar
Hands - associated with otherworking together
Hands - strongdevotion
Hands - to washzískati fame
Hands - to washyoure accusing of purified
Hands - with more than five fingersreligious contemplation
Hands - a severed fingerdisease
hands - with ringswealth
Hands - render togreat friendship
hands - dirtyhard work
Hands - shall have swollenintolerance
Hands - both raisedhigh risk
hands - the hands behaveworry
Hands - Cross chestdeath
Hands - bloodycrime
Hands - Blackusury
Hat - top headceremony for a military pension per person
Hat - losecold, sorrows
Hat - Greendignity
hat - seeinto a traffic jam with dostati
hat - seelose the freedom
hat - in the windchase
hat - from sleeping on the head shall havegreat recognition of the work
hat - in the handserrands that do not enjoy
hat - who stole-lisintroduced the die
hat - an old, torn carryto count with unforeseen circumstances, hardship, unhappiness
Hat - through the eyesloneliness, hatred of the people
Hat - full of sparrowsdisorders in the family
Hat - full of shitdobudeš soon a large estate
Hat - shall have a nicecome to esteem
Hat - shall have a badunpleasant circumstances
Hat - reversehumiliation, prayer
hat - nice new head shall havesuccess, happiness, respectability
hat - on the watersamovržda water or drowning accident
hat - wearing another viewmany of you think about yourself
Hat - lots to seebig business
Hat - shall have a newhappiness and welfare
hat - yellow or reddishunwell boss
Hat - shoddyPoverty
Hat - flying upunexpected joy
Hat - Ladies man shall haveeffeminacy nature
hat - to take the foreignprofessorial absentmindedness
Hen - with chickens to seemeans a lot of children, grandchildren, but also the loss of friends
Light - Solaryou take the path of love
Light - the swampforbid to seduce people stray
Light - monthlyyou take the path of truth
Light - flashingfrom the known one is sick
Mouth - shall have a greatsuccess in politics
Mouth - shall have fullName of policy
Mouth - shall have a painfultalent in public speaking
Nose - shall have stuffydisputes
Nose - shall have a thickyoure unlovable people
nose - like beakselfishness, racketeering, robbing smart
Nose - shall have a longnosiness, espionage
Pain - If you see a differentride happy accident
Pain - in a dream you have a headache or breastminor illness just waiting for you
Pain - feelovercome difficulties
Pain - If you feel yourselfbad
pain - painful to seebe very loved
pear - with pearsyoull have numerous family
Pear - bloominghappy family, also an upcoming wedding
Pear (Pear) - wasps or other insects ožírati seewatch out for trick
Pear (Pear) - shaking the pears from the treegain in your business
Pear (Pear) - Dried eatweight loss
Pear (Pear) - sour chicken or see or eatannoyance home
Pear (Pear) - from worms or wasps from decayedguile
Pear (Pear) - unripe pearcome to your disappointed hopes
Pear (Pear) - eat, maturedelight
Pear (Pear) - eat a wild and bitterpain and misery
Pear (Pear) - eat, immaturesadness
Pear (Pear) - eat, goodconquer misfortune
Pear (Pear) - to hang on the treegood future prospects
Pear (Pear) - pick pearschild
Pear (Pear) - pretty on the tree to seegood future prospects
Pear (Pear) - good to see or eatovercome the inconveniences
Pear (Pear) - Pear (Pears)popularity in the place of work
Red - The red-haired people to see or come into contact with thema man who thinks with you well, think it is fake just because it is different than the others, also warning against too strong passion or fury at himself or others
Red - in the eyesbrings joy
Red - Flamesmean something very good
Red - the colorsymbol of fire, glowing, hot
Red - Redin the erotic sense always understood as an expression of virility and passion
Room - darkgrave
room - emptydebts and poverty
Room - dirtyarguments
Room - Roomsilent moments
Water - suddenly shook off the wall, columncrying the whole family
Water - vylévatidamage
Water - pour itmeans that you can soon expect a loss of status or minor, but annoying health problems
Water - Water nabíratidopíditi with some
Water - Water is Bristshame
Water - dropsylarge disease awaits you
Water - see muddy or dirtyprecursor ratios unclear or uncertain
Water - see clearpromise of success and profit
Water - Water next to go (in love)is a good sign
Water - Water next to go (and widowers ženatému)inconvenience
Water - stand in the water and washingchore
Water - boilingDo not be passionate, tame your temper!
Water - valicíse to youcareful enough big disaster
Water - in the tub on his back to bearcrash
Water - boil in the kettle to seedanger
Water - because in the muddy muddy walkdisease
Water - in pure water koupatihealth
Water - in Bootsdo not despair
Water - drink warmDo you miss health, go to the doctor.
Water - drink warmbad
Water - to sprinkle holygrief
Water - cold drinkYour physical health is good.
Water - cold drinkgood
Water - coldSuccess is within reach.
Water - coldvery cold welcome
Water - rising around the houseindicates victory over competitors
Water - Standingyour emotional life stagnates or does not exist
Water - stand at the waterdespairing
Water - fall into it and drowningjob loss
Water - fall into cold wateris a warning against fake people in your neighborhood
Water - fall into the murky watersnotes that in the near future do a lot of errors that cause your sadness and sorrow
Water - a sweet drinklack
Water - to scaldanger
Water - flooding seencrash
Water - turbulentis a hazard in your area
Water - spill itdeceiving himself.
Water - FordDo not worry about your future is taken care of.
Water - flowingpoints to the temper and strong emotions.
Water - dive into itSomeone wants to conquer, but do not give up.
Water - stay above the turbulent waterportends an early death in the family
Water - walk on wateryoure going for the truth
Water - drink warm wateris a sign of minor health problems or family problems smallish
Water - drink muddy wateris a harbinger of serious illness
Water - drink itis a major loss of business
Water - fall into the waterpersecution and hardship
Water - to scaldEven in small matters, be careful!
Water - water carried in a containermeans happiness and unexpected improvement in the business
Water - Mineral Wateris unexpected luck in achieving your goals and plans
Water - the water wheeltrue a letter from the forgotten man
Water - calm, unruffled surfacerepresents a deep well of your emotions
Water - Water murkywarns of danger and portends sorrow and loneliness
Water - cloudy or stormydisease
Water - murkyWho is not peace, disturbing your life.
Water - murkyis evil
Water - murkyfalse
Water - clear and quietsign of great happiness
Water - walk in theDespite all prevail.
Water - go after theindicates success in business and well-being and happiness in love
Water - Pure Watermeans a lot of unexpected pleasure and reproduction property
Water - PureTRUE
Water - Puregood
Water - Watermeans the city
Water - Watercorresponds to the condition and quality of your mental state
Water - Pipeunpleasant encounters
Water - Birdcrash
Water - manYou seek many unpleasant things
Water - round to seeearly acceptance of a trade
Water - snakedisease happily p?etrpíš
Water level - see the mirror in her other subjectsbrings deception or disappointment
Water level - seeing in it as in a mirrormyself in some things Fool
Water level - see turbulent choppybrings the days of worry
Water level - see the smooth, quietpromise of carefree days

Black - may represent evil, deep depression, death. It can also express your ignorance, dark unknown, but the respect of very aspect of our self. Also maybe disorientation.




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One-third of your life is spent sleeping.

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