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 Dream title : angel of death 

Dream story : The angel of death came for my son but he didn't die. A friend and I were pregnant and there were children I didn't know.

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  angel   ant   butterfly   child   children   death   eat   friend   pregnant   whites
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Angel - speak with himgood sign for the next life
Angel - talk to hearbad marks
Angel - speakingyou reach what you want
Angel - be itis a great honor, a deadly disease
Angel - be ithonor and advancement in the society
Angel - an angel be healthyhonor
Angel - angel ill bedeath
Angel - AngelIn the next few days youll be happy
Angel - seebig lucky, confirm all the hopes and wishes, welcome message
Angel - to see him in blue lightlarge true
Angel - in the great lighti thee light
Angel - in pink lightbig love
Angel - to stand by himyou reach a high position and respect.
Angel - seegood news
Angel - with a protective beltyou will be protected
Angel - with a bookread the Holy Scriptures
Angel - with cupsuffering
Angel - with breadheavenly goodness
Ant - seea lot of work, a large number
ant - ant in dead or inactivepoor work organization
Ant - tweaking theevil conflicts between people
ANT - bunch of them crawling out of the house and jaws npublic statement
ANT - bunch of them crawling out of the housegreetings from illness
ANT - bunch of them crawling into the houseillness and death
Butterfly (Butterflies) - see himfickleness in love
Butterfly (Butterflies) - Butterfly (Butterflies)Note that although it is fragile, but fleeting beauty. The dream of them is a warning against instability, character, or great desire to break free from all restrictions. A butterfly that flew out of the chrysalis is a clear symbol of transition from one life stage to another.
Child - sleeprespite from the troubles at the time
Children (Child, kid) - seen a niceis good
Children (Child, kid) - Largeaid and relief
Children (Child, kid) - with a nurse to seechildbirth for pregnant girl, the other dangerous disease
Children (Child, kid) - fall foranxiety, damage from trade
Children (Child, kid) - fall to seefear of getting something
Children (Child, kid) - carryphilanthropy
Children (Child, kid) - play to seebe merry
Children (Child, kid) - playingmultiplication property work, bears much fruit
Children (Child, kid) - stroking the childconfort in troubles
Children (Child, kid) - to feed the childrencare at home
Death - seegrief neighbor
death - see deathportends poverty and distress or bankruptcy, the patient is a sign of a rapid end
Death - seen as a skeleton with a scytheharbinger of relief from some of the load
Death - DeathDeath in the dream is rather a sign of leaving old things. Nelou?íte happened subconsciously or with a partner with the old home? Maybe you just run over to stop something that you think is pointless.
Death - means p?ivolavšíthat you will soon be the target of gossip and slander
Death - to speak to youunpleasant things to expectations
Death - be deadsad experiences.
Death - Deathusually dream about death is a warning against all dangers and threats, after this dream, you should be more cautious than usual
Death - Deathclear the end of one section of life
eat - seeinvitation
eat - outdoorsThere will be lean times
eat - in the houseHealth
eat - eat alone very richbecoming unpopular for reckless lack of compassion or
eat - aloneyoure deluded or sick
eat - illnessPeople think about you a lot
eat - bad food or uncleandissatisfaction, illness
eat - meat muttongain to the goods
eat - meat roastedwealth
eat - eat very quicklybe honored
eat - eat very quicklybe invited to eat
eat - eat very quicklygives health
eat - eat very frugallyfeel remorse for something
eat - want to eat, but nothing to eat nenaléztchange in life
eat - veal headbig bad
eat - Eateither expressed or replace the need to eat resistance in awake
eat - Eattendency to extravagance
Friend - Formerreturn to memories, perhaps repeating the situation
friend - to see friendsyou have to defend against them as
Friend - late to seeunexpected news, deferred marriage
friend - to see, welcometo the glory and come poctám
Friend - who see a friend thrivegood news or early meeting with the closest
Friend - seelong life
friend - to see the deceasedbrings unexpected news
friend - to see a troubled friendwaiting for you too sad or serious illness
Friend - offendcontempt experience
Friend - dead man to seejoy
Friend - standing on the mountainunexpected promotion at work, for which you neglect your friends and family
Friend - laugh dreamindicates an early break with him
Friend - with bandaged faceestablishment of new ones, which results in losses for you and problems
Friend - joke with himrupture
friend - friends in the animal formmeans to fight enemies who want to separate you from the nearest
Friend - meet himgood
Friend - meetportends an unexpected event, which will bring sorrow and disagreement
friend - to help himman himself receives help
Friend - weepingworry or frustration and failure in business
friend - dressed in bright colorsdisclose information that caused the problems and arguments
friend - to visit him or meet himstands for warmth
Friend - have to worry about itdisease or failure
Friend - say goodbye to a friends predictions of conflicts and disputes are known, it is also a sign of financial difficulties and losses
Friend - guess the dreamsignifies unfaithfulness friend
Friend - together with more to be friendsharbinger of visits from people who like to see
Friend - Friendfriendship, sadness
Friend - Friendfriends are your own person, often within the meaning brother, Wraith, etc.
Friend - FriendFor love is happiness, and early marriage
Pregnant - see itchange professions
Pregnant - see the secondtangible promise of happiness
pregnant - womando a magnificent invention that will bring you fame and profit
Pregnant - bewish will come true
Pregnant - Pregnantwoman expect from life, something new, when Vesna sees as a pregnant man carries his own plans for another new object
whites - at the sight shall havegrief




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