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 Dream title : white blue light at my left, many golden elephants 

Dream story : on a rocky mountain, I had a spirit of white blue light at my left, and many golden elephants with blue stripes on their backs, running forward in front of me and to the right of me, grabbing black blue blobs out of the air with their trunks and tossing the blobs away. they seemed to protect me and clear the way

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  ant   back   black   ear   elephant   front   gold   light   man   mountain   old   rabbi   rip

  rock   run   running   see   sing   spirit   strip   toss   trunk
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Ant - seea lot of work, a large number
ant - ant in dead or inactivepoor work organization
Ant - tweaking theevil conflicts between people
ANT - bunch of them crawling out of the house and jaws npublic statement
ANT - bunch of them crawling out of the housegreetings from illness
ANT - bunch of them crawling into the houseillness and death
Back - wearing brokebig loss
Back - shall have highridicule the pagan
black - speak with himwill receive a message far
black - see itsad news
ear (cob) - seethe joy of the work
ear (cob) - more of them shall bindincoherence, property discord
ear (cob) - a wreath on the head of which shall havemedals and promotion
ear (cob) - gathergood shops
ear (cob) - If you collect isgood deal
ear (cob) - is to disposebad ratios
Ear - blockedfalse
ear - shall have largevery pleased you friends, especially women
Ear - cut byyour property is odzvon?no
Ear - filthydamage from relative
Ear - podrápanéshame on the part of relatives
ear - to hear themsin
Ear - less than we haverelatives fall into debt
ear - if a woman coveredadultery
ear - and more beautifulgood rumors
ear - one to seecurious neighbor
Elephant - killmeans death
Elephant - Kill to seecancellation of resolution
Elephant - tusks carved out his thingsartistic wealth
Elephant - seewell in stores late, but good getting married
front - beautifulpower over others
Gold - loserobbed or cheated be in the shops
Gold - Bonanza appearsure win
Gold - Gold fish to seeobstacles in the shops
Gold - Gold bullion getinconvenience, loss
Gold - Gold stealaccounts or lover (OU) lose
Gold - Gold coin seen, taking ontrue love and early marriage
Gold - Gold and silver goods to ownflatterers around you shall have
Gold - or shall have seenindicates success and ongoing matters commenced
Gold - in the country find, and carry with them schovatifalse accusations
Gold - pandanger from the bad people
Gold - dissolvesburns
Gold - donatewedding chystati
Gold - gold to payrupture with friends, unhappiness in the shops
Gold - wearing a carryvolatility, instability
Light - Solaryou take the path of love
Light - the swampforbid to seduce people stray
Light - monthlyyou take the path of truth
Light - flashingfrom the known one is sick
man - wild man (animal) be persecutedinteresting introduction, engagement girls
man - ManSee: Person
man - to see him beardedattention from persecution
man - to see him with a crownwell in summer, winter damage
man - bad charactersjoy
man - man shitgold into the house
man asleeplittle joy
Mountain - MountainSee: Hill,
Mountain - descend from itsmaller, but the net profit
Mountain - seen herreligious celebrations
Mountain - in the cloudsyour infidelity
Mountain -climb upyour life, victory over something
Mountain - collapse seenhave a strong enemy of persecution
Mountain - descentwrong
Mountain - on the ascendexertion, discomfort
Mountain - top soilyoure in a lot of hardship
Mountain - throw down hersorrow
Mountain - seen covered with green treespromising future
Mountain - seen the ruins of a dreamabandon the intention
Mountain - with a nice castle to seeendurance, toughness
old people lucky
old peopleblessing
old peoplefreedom and lightness
old peoplerespect , regard
old peoplewisdom
Rabbi - Rabbiyour wisdom brings annoyance
rip - anythingend of discord, also indicates worries
rock - high to seeDeal with grandiose vow
Rock - seefatigue and work
Rock - and again stoupati sestupovatifortunes of war
Rock - easy to come down with itlose a friend or relative
Rock - it easily zdolatihigh goals achieved
Rock - climb on her illnessstalling, drop shops
rock - the rock stoupatigood in employment, especially mental nobility
rock - climb up on itto overcome
Run - himself seenloss of property
Run - the carhitch
Run - the animalhostility
Run - several people in a rowhassle and worry
Run - nudeare your favorite unfaithful to you
Run - If you run laboriously and Trick can notstands for sickness
Run - and the place is not to movewithout the effect namáhati
Run - and yet to fallbreak something well begun
Run - and fallfailure of previous work
Run - and avoid illnessgreat stress
Run - and the objective to comefill in your application, the
Run - and fall short of targetsAll this hardly succeeds
Run - and targets achievedeverything succeeds
Running - a racegreat exertion
see eat delicatessenEnjoy the delights of life
Sing - beautiful voice, and changesudden misfortune, accident
sing - beautifully, suddenly shut upmelancholy life
sing - beautifullyjoy, joy, praise
Spirit (ghosts) - Spirit (ghosts)See: ghost (ghosts),
Spirit (ghosts) - revealing the skyheralds serious illness or death in the family
Spirit (ghosts) - see (and ghost)temptation, seduction to sin, danger, or dear friend lose
Spirit (ghosts) - see ghostsreport the death
Spirit (ghosts) - seelearn something unpleasant
Spirit (ghosts) - Spirit (ghosts)scares you dream of ghosts? Do not worry, its a hidden part of your personality that you want to give clues. Listen to what you said, maybe you will find a solution to your problem.
Spirit (ghosts) - see himpredicts an unexpected rift in your company
Spirit (ghosts) - hear voicessymbolizes an unpleasant visit friends
Spirit (ghosts) - to overcome the fear of himpromises victory over the difficulties
Spirit (ghosts) - to scaresign of the difficulties and inconveniences
Spirit (ghosts) - be intimidated by themto be wicked ways
Spirit (ghosts) - talking to youwarn against enemies
Spirit (ghosts) - goes to the westcoup
Spirit (ghosts) - goes to the Eastgood luck
Spirit (ghosts) - clear and white to seejoy and personal success
Spirit (ghosts) - dream to speakget good impressions
Spirit (ghosts) - the spirit of a female charactermeans early promotions and honors
Spirit (ghosts) - Spirit of parentspoints you to the danger
Spirit (ghosts) - Redwatch out for killer
Spirit (ghosts) - Blackdeath
Spirit (ghosts) - Spirit (ghosts)symbol phantom for which the chasing
strip (tape) - Goldwitty love
strip (tape) - Silvertrue friendship
strip (tape) - scaphandermighty celestial protection
strip (tape) - encrusted jewelsthe joy of children, also the power and wealth
strip (tape) - are wearing a nicehonor and well-being
Toss - somethingbring forth boyish folly, whether your desecration
trunk - elephant shall havenasal disease or gastric

White - incorruptibility, innocence, peace, happiness and joy.




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