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 Dream title : Teeth 

Dream story : I dreamt, I was brushing my teeth and all of a sudden the whole teeth changes into silver. I was scared I touches the incisors teeth it was peeling and later pull out. I touched the other side of incisor teeth it peel and pull out. I was scared so I woke up...

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  brus   brush   car   hang   hole   red   scar   side   sud
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Brus (Grinding, Sanding Sticks) - keep in the yard and grind on itslander, gossip and annoyance
Brus (Grinding, Sanding Sticks) - Brus (Grinding, Sanding Sticks)joy
Brus (Grinding, Sanding Sticks) - Brus (Grinding, Sanding Sticks)gossip
brush - seemerry
brush - Clothescleanse the evil from something
brush - brush head byget the guest
Brush - Brushgossip
Car - seen itextinct things
car accidentYou chose the wrong direction
car - quickly flies forward with youserious illness
car - a bill to seegay movement in the shops
car - a bill to seepermanent employment and good
car - beautiful to see and sit in itget rid of the worry
car - even horses fall into the pitdeath
hang - inSickness
Hole - HoleSee: Pit
Hole - in the garmentannoyance
Hole - Consider an unknownacquaintance
Hole - fall into itdisease
Hole - to be removed from thehelp
Hole - Holeunrest
Hole - Holeannoyance
Red - The red-haired people to see or come into contact with thema man who thinks with you well, think it is fake just because it is different than the others, also warning against too strong passion or fury at himself or others
Red - in the eyesbrings joy
Red - Flamesmean something very good
Red - the colorsymbol of fire, glowing, hot
Red - Redin the erotic sense always understood as an expression of virility and passion
Scar - hidden in hairtraitor and a scoundrel
Scar - to have her in the faceskirmish
Side - a great and strongearly marriage and children
Side - have injuredgrief and loss of children
Sud - which flows fromloss
Sud - seeattention to gluttony
Sud - more full of themwealth
Sud - a beer to seestores are on track
Sud - lie in the eventoo much filosofy, like you had in mind

White - incorruptibility, innocence, peace, happiness and joy.




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