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the dove  (18) 
I was at home with my mom,dad and grandmother. A storm was coming in and we stepped onto the front porch. I ...
baby  (49) 
I had a baby without a car seat. I didn't have diapers, food or anything for the baby. I stopped at someones...
Love and Affection  (44) 
I was in a room with my husband and a guy i find attractive and have a somewhat crush on. We were talking at ...
Love and Affection  (44) 
I was in a room with my husband and a guy i find attractive and have a somewhat crush on. We were talking at ...
The Doll Ghost Girl (I guess ? )   (17) 
I was turning 18 and (My adopted parents) Sean and Anna were kicking me out. My friends all knew about it so...
sky  (42) 
I was looking for the stars on the sky
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naked man

In my dream I saw a naked man on a swing with a small boy next to him. But the boy had clothing on. I don't remember the color or faces of thand boy. The man seemed to have attracted me.



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If you are snoring, then you cannot be dreaming.

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    Sleeping position

Poised distended hands and feet The man who sleeps in this position like freedom! This position reveals his true identity. Do you like comfort, the beauty of worship and not feeding a lot of money. Your undesirable feature is that too interested in affairs of other people and you like trickiness and slander. Just remember the last gossip.


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