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Greeted by three snakes  (37) 
I was greeted by three snakes, two rattle snakes on each side of a big cobra snake sitting on top of some boxe...
Ring  (21) 
i dream about my ex boyfriend. he gave me a gold ring that is similar to my late mother's wedding ring.he put ...
Panther and a former friend  (50) 
I'm driving an old friend of mine home. We aren't friends anymore. As we get to her house a black panther appe...
dates  (33) 
i have had a dream that i saw so many dates and i by but i got only liquid one in a can, and before the seller...
strange. toe nail  (32) 
Grandpa and grandma who died talking to me right big toe nail suddenly cut and it's left Ragged and sore
fighting  (20) 
I get out of a store where I forget where I parked some friend said your car across the street and a girl appr...
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missing teeth

I dreamed i was sleeping when I woke up i had a missing tooth



Fact about dream

Studies have shown that your brain waves are more active when you are dreaming than when we are awake.

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Snoring is the sound generated during speech breathing during sleep. It is caused by the passage of inhaled and exhaled air in places narrowed airways. The very sound creates resonance airway wall or obstruction in the airway soft climate or a corner. Snoring is not a disease itself, only a cosmetic defect , especially unpleasant for other people who sleep.


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