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rats  (46) 
I was being bitten by rats - i had three bites on my leg. I killed one rat by tearing it in half.
Co worker heart attack  (42) 
My co worker walked into my office and had a massive heart attack. I gave resuscitation and she was ok
boinging  (56) 
I dreamed I was walking in a wooded area with my sister, we were carrying a canoe. We started taking bigger a...
hair turned unexpectedly gray in large s...  (56) 
all I remember was realizing my hair had large sections, blocks, that were completely gray. The rest was my no...
attracted to 2 men, and sexual incounter...  (56) 
I dreamed I was with my ex-husband at a party. I met a man I was really attracted to. Then I met another man...
ophan girl with worms  (56) 
I dreamed I was swimming with an old (all time favorite) boyfriend. Another girl was in the distance, possibly...
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missing teeth

I dreamed i was sleeping when I woke up i had a missing tooth



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Dreams are indispensable. A lack of dream activity may imply some protein deficiency or a personality disorder.

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Sigmund Freud - He is the founder of modern theories about dreams. Humanity owes his statement on the importance of dreams to human life, laying the foundations for the scientific study of dreams. In his book, The Interpretation of Dreams, said: 'I can that there is a psychological technique which can be used to interpret dreams.


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