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Encounter with Gramps  (27) 
My grandfather recently passed, and I dreamed about him in a weird version of his old home in New Jersey and h...
demons  (26) 
I have had the same dream since the age of around six or seven. I am in a dark room of a house that seems very...
my mangalsutra was breaked in my dream  (25) 
I have sleeped.and I see there was my manglsutra was breaking.
fighting the devil  (48) 
I dreamed that something was holding my arms down down saying in my ear we control you I struggled for a minut...
woke up screaming  (31) 
I was in a dark room and then I see 2 faces a boy and a girl bith young and about a yesr between them I looked...
Plane   (23) 
I had a dream that an airplane was comming down on me
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missing teeth

I dreamed i was sleeping when I woke up i had a missing tooth



Fact about dream

If you are snoring, then you cannot be dreaming.

Today article

    Night sweats

Even if not one night sweats sleep disorders, there is no doubt that the sweaty sheets and pyjamas while sleeping bothers us.


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