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Me dying  (40) 
Everyone sad hugging me then l watched my funeral everyone in order my kids husband family and friends and sae a snake
Snake   (33) 
Pulling out a snake from your mouth
running water  (35) 
I was shot several times but not killed and left on my back in running water.....unable to pull myself up I wa...
Snakes  (54) 
I was in a field with someone & a child. A snake appeared & I urgently told everyone to get into this building...
well  (40) 
someone was telling me in my dream that I must keep on drinking from the well and wash my face I have asked th...
Overwhelming   (20) 
I had a dream that me & my boyfriend were at his apartment & I don't know if he was having a get together or w...
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stolen car

i dream that somebody stole my car and took the tiers



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People who are in the process of giving up smoking tend to have longer and more intense dreams.

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