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Black crow  (39) 
Black crow stuck in bird feeder sounding upset I pulled him to set him free then he appeared that the bird fee...
worm under my skin  (54) 
I Saw my right wrist and there was a blackish brown like shadow or worm like thing moving under my skin
Golden Serpent  (13) 
I was climbing a tree in the desert bare-footed and I stepped on this small sheet of copper with copper spikes...
decapitation  (58) 
I dreamed one of my grown sons was decapitated. Some sort of machinery I think. I was shocked and devastated...
removing white hairy maggots  (22) 
I was in my bed, same bed that i was really sleeping. I woke up and face my self in the mirror and started to ...
flight of the Concorde   (46) 
Walking along the promenade beside the lake, start moving my hands in a circular horizontal motion then take o...
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washing socks

I was washing my socks till they become clean.



Fact about dream

Toddlers do not dream about themselves. They do not appear in their own dreams until the age of 3 or 4.

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God is manifested by the fact that through the devil to know what each other is suppressed and repressed only after naming the soul can express freely and find an actual God. In the New Testament is described as God's holy message is transmitted is through their dreams.


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