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mangalsutra breaking in dream  (35) 
early morning when i got up in dreams i saw my wifes mangalsutra broke up in several pieces
snake  (55) 
I dreamed that a snake was in my vigina and i was pulling it out and it tore and the other half with the head ...
strange  (39) 
i saw someone brought a dori/canoe and place it at my door with 2 he was about to go i call him and...
Someone bringing me dasheen   (27) 
I had a dream about a guy brining some dasheen for me. The dasheens were big and beautiful.
Planet collision   (36) 
I watch Venus collide with earth. I watched from a laboratory that had a tiny replica of the solar system. I w...
Giant spider   (41) 
Giant spider in house living in a bookcase, when turned over there was a hole where it was going in and out of...
Cars falling from sky in thunderstorm  (30) 
There is thunderstorm and earthquake. Cars are falling from the sky. We are trying to escape and go back home....
Deceased husband and wraiths   (52) 
My deceased husband appeared at the foot of my bed sorting my clothing and telling me I will have plenty to we...
Baby  (31) 
Had baby with ex boyfriend
David Cassidy kiss  (56) 
I was in a hallway and a famous singer was there and he walked up to me and kissed my cheek .
David Cassidy kiss  (56) 
I was in a hallway and David Cassidy was there and he walked up to me and kissed my cheek .
Horse Head Myster  (56) 
My friends and I found a our room filled with some kind of brown flys, or bugs. Someone opened a dresser draw...

Hatching eggs in glass bottles







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On average, you can dream anywhere from one to two hours every night. Moreover, you can have four to seven dreams in one night.

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