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Breadfruit in fire  (41) 
I dream i was putting breadfruit in fire a lady stop by in a car and ask me where can she get some mango and t...
I was attacked by a mad person where i was trying to organize for a program in a church, people were around us...
I had a dream where i was attacked by a mad person and we started fighting, the mad person tried to spit on me...
I saw the statue of Sto. Niño that he moved his hands and he wants to get out of the door for something b...
loaf of mouldy bread  (54) 
Had a dream where I was handling a loaf of bread with green mould on it
Almost bite  (32) 
I was laying on the bed with my son and he decided to get off. Just as he did i noticed 2 small greyish lookin...
Breadfruit and salted fish  (40) 
I dream of eating cooked breadfruit with salted fish and enjoying it
Running Late  (46) 
I needed to lick my sone up from school and I made a wrong turn and ended up far from him. There was traffic a...
Grandma   (22) 
Im always visting visting my deceased grandmothers house in my dream
Silver  (22) 
Dentist putting silver tooth in mymouth
Rats and a snake  (20) 
Rats chased a snake, killed it and ate it by distributing in pieces
Finding the boy  (30) 
Was on a journey looking for something. Came to a tower, went inside went up a escalator. Got to the top upfro...








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In a poll, 67% of Americans have experienced Deja Vu in their dreams, occurring more often in females than males.

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Dreams are the heart of our communication with our knowledge of what is beneficial for us as a complete being. Dream is a natural fact of nature, not artificial, artificial man. Provide psychological facts.


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