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Breadfruit and salted fish  (40) 
I dream of eating cooked breadfruit with salted fish and enjoying it
Running Late  (46) 
I needed to lick my sone up from school and I made a wrong turn and ended up far from him. There was traffic a...
Grandma   (22) 
Im always visting visting my deceased grandmothers house in my dream
Silver  (22) 
Dentist putting silver tooth in mymouth
Rats and a snake  (20) 
Rats chased a snake, killed it and ate it by distributing in pieces
Finding the boy  (30) 
Was on a journey looking for something. Came to a tower, went inside went up a escalator. Got to the top upfro...
Chased by a mad man  (28) 
I was walking with my friends, then a mad man started chasing us, my friends got away but he kept chasing me. ...
Sto. Nino  (23) 
I was riding in a tricycle when i saw a lot of images of Sto. Nino in the store near the church....
Stairs  (31) 
I was running up spiral stairs that got smaller as I got higher. At the top there was a room that looked big b...
Nightmare  (38) 
Couldnít move my body. Petite girl, short blonde hair wearing grey hoodie sitting at the bottom of the bed. Ií...
Baby girl with big head and blue eyes   (23) 
I dreamt I had a baby girl and the hat that the hospital puts on babies was too small for my own and she had b...
My baby slipping through my fingers  (25) 
I walked into a doctors office and saw my deceased fathers ex gf that I hate. she was in the waiting room and ...

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People who are in the process of giving up smoking tend to have longer and more intense dreams.

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A perfectly logical explanation is proof misunderstanding dream the dream message. It is necessary to understand and live the dream images as a separate reality independent of the normal consciousness. Result of working with dreams can be that is commonly used for personal benefit in our everyday life. His dreams had notes on the bed as Albert Einstein said it was studying for his essential nature. Similarly, as a scientist Niels Bohr discovered the structure of the atom.


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