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My baby slipping through my fingers  (25) 
I walked into a doctors office and saw my deceased fathers ex gf that I hate. she was in the waiting room and ...
My baby slipping through my fingers  (25) 
I walked into a doctors office and saw my deceased fathers ex gf that I hate. she was in the waiting room and ...
yam  (26) 
i saw plenty fat long yam i my house, what does it mean
Teeth  (35) 
I dreamt, I was brushing my teeth and all of a sudden the whole teeth changes into silver. I was scared I touc...
Fish and cat  (39) 
In the bathroom I was holding a life fish then I was holding a cat
snake bit me (kinda)  (16) 
so i was with my family on a winter holiday, there was a lot of snow and we were gathering it to build a snowm...
Madman  (33) 
I dreamt of mad man in that dream he took my bag and scattered all my documents and he tore two of my document...
prophet wearing a red cloak  (39) 
in this dream; i was at church and was holding a mic with other church choir members preparing to sing on stag...
cat and fish  (41) 
I dream a gray cat in my kitchen and a two live fishes probably catch by the cat.
My wedding  (33) 
Saw my fiance with his bridegroom costume. Saw guests and waiting for him. Suddenly the thali is missing and t...
Being boiled alive  (58) 
I dreamed one night that I was immersed in a huge pot and boiled alive until I was paper white and then I was ...
Self dfense to murder  (40) 
The sun was out but it seemed like it was night time in my dream. I saw friends in local street gang one of th...








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Dreams are indispensable. A lack of dream activity may imply some protein deficiency or a personality disorder.

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    Sleeping position

Poised distended hands and feet The man who sleeps in this position like freedom! This position reveals his true identity. Do you like comfort, the beauty of worship and not feeding a lot of money. Your undesirable feature is that too interested in affairs of other people and you like trickiness and slander. Just remember the last gossip.


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