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Watching a band play  (32) 
I am an observer watching a girl i know playing in a band playing the drums. She has a strange mouth though; p...
Son & Dog bitten by snake  (44) 
I was watching myself sleeping in my dream. When I notice several snakes climbing up my bed. When I got up f...
Wearing black to a wedding  (58) 
I was running late to pick kids up from school. Car would not start. Family leaving for wedding. Everyone wear...
white blue light at my left, many golden...  (61) 
on a rocky mountain, I had a spirit of white blue light at my left, and many golden elephants with blue stripe...
Mangalsutra  (35) 
On Friday early morning I dreamed of having a cut in my mangalsutra
pushing tooth with hole out  (39) 
i dreamt that i had a painful tooth, and i pushed it out with my tongue and my daughter pulled it out and i sa...
King kong  (28) 
Me and my brother are being chased by king Kong then king Kong swallows a coin then turns into a connect four ...
Hungry snakes  (38) 
Hungry snakes entering my moms house through washing machine pipes and all pipes leading into the house
Nightmare Under My Skin  (40) 
Last night I dreamed that on the right side of my abdomen, two long worms were burrowing under the surface of ...
Mangalustra  (28) 
Saw mangalsutram in dream
Electric shock for stranger  (28) 
Saw a stranger died of electric shock and his mother came to our home and she went away.after that we did pooj...
Birds in a Grocery Store  (20) 
I was in a grocery store with my sisters, but there were birds flying around and nesting in the store. I began...

Watching a band play







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Fact about dream

Everybody dreams. EVERYBODY! Simply because you do not remember your dream does not mean that you do not dream. In fact, you have several dreams during a normal night of sleep.

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They occur mostly in childhood, are temporary and usually disappears over time when the child is older. Even though they are annoying and terrible, are not usually serious and can not harm humans. In most cases take place in the second half of sleep.


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