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Missing furniture inside dream in a drea...  (38) 
I awoke and walked to my kitchen, but noticed all the furniture was missing from the hallway - the door was op...
Childen  (39) 
Dreaming of kids when they were baby's. They were kidnapped. In a boat of water when they 5ook one.
painting  (54) 
I dreamt I was in a taxi looking for somewhere to stay as my partner (not my partner in real life) had dumped ...
black horse chasing  (21) 
black horse chasing me
tiger  (44) 
two friends asked me to catch a tiger
santo niño  (35) 
i saw santo niño was just looking at me
Snake cat  (53) 
I dreamed I was taking care of a black snake in a glass enclosure I was feeding it with a tube after I finishe...
mangalsutra breaking in dream  (35) 
early morning when i got up in dreams i saw my wifes mangalsutra broke up in several pieces
snake  (55) 
I dreamed that a snake was in my vigina and i was pulling it out and it tore and the other half with the head ...
strange  (39) 
i saw someone brought a dori/canoe and place it at my door with 2 he was about to go i call him and...
Someone bringing me dasheen   (27) 
I had a dream about a guy brining some dasheen for me. The dasheens were big and beautiful.
Planet collision   (36) 
I watch Venus collide with earth. I watched from a laboratory that had a tiny replica of the solar system. I w...

Missing furniture inside dream in a dream.







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In a poll, 67% of Americans have experienced Deja Vu in their dreams, occurring more often in females than males.

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God is manifested by the fact that through the devil to know what each other is suppressed and repressed only after naming the soul can express freely and find an actual God. In the New Testament is described as God's holy message is transmitted is through their dreams.


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