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Mangalya sutra broken   (32) 
Around 245pm when I was sleeping I saw my mangalyasutra chain broken and fell down then I took it and went home
worms  (26) 
i was taking white worms from someone eyes
yellow gold snake  (34) 
I dream of a big yellow gold snake wrapping around on my daughter's body
Mangalsutra breaking in dreams   (41) 
Today Friday early morning I saw my Mangalsutra breaking in to 2 pieces. I am tried and tied the same by myself
Female Ghost  (62) 
The same female ghost keeps appearing in different rooms. I become frightened each time I see her.
Snr sto nino   (28) 
I dreamed the image of snr sto nino @ sea.Not specify the location.
Chased and hunted by mad man  (33) 
My boyfriend and I are at a house all of a sudden the sound of whistling starts and I feel the need to run and...
wife say goodbye  (38) 
my wife was casually dressed in jeans walking down some stairs and smiling and telling me goodbye
Late husband leaves me with no explanati...  (55) 
My late husband in my dreams leaves me without a word and I try to find him to ask why but I can't find him or...
A lover who has passed away  (37) 
I dreamed that I saw my lover who passed away almost a year ago. It was a traumatic and emotional experience w...
A lover who has passed away  (37) 
I dreamed that I saw my lover who passed away almost a year ago. It was a traumatic and emotional experience w...
Mangalsutra  (20) 
After my marriage my mangalsuthra was removed by one elderly person I was calling him as fathwr

Mangalya sutra broken







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God is manifested by the fact that through the devil to know what each other is suppressed and repressed only after naming the soul can express freely and find an actual God. In the New Testament is described as God's holy message is transmitted is through their dreams.


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