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My wedding  (33) 
Saw my fiance with his bridegroom costume. Saw guests and waiting for him. Suddenly the thali is missing and t...
Being boiled alive  (58) 
I dreamed one night that I was immersed in a huge pot and boiled alive until I was paper white and then I was ...
Self dfense to murder  (40) 
The sun was out but it seemed like it was night time in my dream. I saw friends in local street gang one of th...
Self dfense to murder  (40) 
The sun was out but it seemed like it was night time in my dream. I saw friends in local street gang one of th...
sky dream  (36) 
I am in my room from when I am a teenager I am looking out of my window its night then suddenly clouds gather ...
ex girlfriend  (37) 
im dream of my husbands x girlfriend
mountain and water  (50) 
I saw a beautiful green mountain out in the ocean
water and mountain  (50) 
I could see a beautiful mountain far away in deep water. I closed my eyes then opened my eyes and there was a ...
water and mountain   (50) 
I had a dream that I was in a deep body of water and I could see a beautiful mountain. I closed my eyes and wh...
Pouring water in a purse  (32) 
I was pouring water in a small purse
snake in bath and bed  (50) 
I dreamed a snake came out of bath water looking at me. Then as I backed up I was in a bed and the snake slid ...
snake came out of the bath water into th...  (50) 
I had a dream that a there was a yellow and white snake that came up out of a bathtub of bubble bath water and...

My wedding







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Muhammad founded Islam on the basis of divination dream. He had a lot of wonderful dreams, the most famous is the way to the center of the world into a miraculous creature Al-Burak, which had a female ..


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