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Birds in a Grocery Store  (20) 
I was in a grocery store with my sisters, but there were birds flying around and nesting in the store. I began...
Late to pick up children from school  (49) 
I went to this meetin place and found a good parking slot. As I was parking my car, suddenly I realized that I...
Hatching eggs in glass bottles  (29) 
I was walking with my 4yr old to the beach it was a setting I've seen before but this time we my child was the...
A bird excreated on my head  (35) 
Dreamt a bird was flying then it excreated on my head then i fetched water from the well to watch my head.
Seeing a white ceiling fan  (35) 
I dreamt i saw a white ceiling fan where names of three organisation were written on them . but the celing fan...
Dream mangalasuthra  (26) 
Seeing in mangalasuthra in dream
Dream mangalasuthra  (26) 
Seeing in mangalasuthra in dream
Missing furniture inside dream in a drea...  (38) 
I awoke and walked to my kitchen, but noticed all the furniture was missing from the hallway - the door was op...
Childen  (39) 
Dreaming of kids when they were baby's. They were kidnapped. In a boat of water when they 5ook one.
painting  (54) 
I dreamt I was in a taxi looking for somewhere to stay as my partner (not my partner in real life) had dumped ...
black horse chasing  (21) 
black horse chasing me
tiger  (44) 
two friends asked me to catch a tiger

Birds in a Grocery Store







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In a poll, 67% of Americans have experienced Deja Vu in their dreams, occurring more often in females than males.

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    Dream Symbols

Symbols are words used by dream language. Symbolic language of dreams is to listen, to be inspired by him, carried away. Chew it, returning to it again and again. For each person can have different meanings of symbols, depending on how the access and the human personality and his views.


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