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Breaking of mangalsutra  (35) 
I saw my mangalsutra got broken in dream
Bedroom  (38) 
My wife and I were both laying naked in bed when her male work colleague came next to us naked. She got up and...
Bedroom  (38) 
My wife and i were laying down clothed on the same bed and then he maler coworker appeared next to us naked. ...
Bedroom  (38) 
I dreamt my wife and i were on bed clothed while one of her make coworkers was lyinh next us naked. We eventua...
madness  (20) 
When my father become madman and even me but i got abible and started playing to him and he refused to heal a...
i dont know   (37) 
at store see lady say hello give her kiss on cheek and then in corner in store with old man
superbowl  (46) 
coach of superbowl
coaching  (46) 
i was head coach of the superbowl
dog  (38) 
a strange dachshund dog walked in my living room which startled my son, i was sitting on a skateboard and roll...
water  (19) 
i was walking over the water.i think it was an ocean not the sea.the water it wasn't dirty at all and it was c...
Sto Nino  (44) 
I was in procession with the other people, then Image of Sto Nino appear to them, one by one, then I think he...
black baby ghost bleeding  (34) 
a small chubby black baby appeared in my bed and her nose was bleeding, she was not crying back was frightening

Breaking of mangalsutra







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On average, you can dream anywhere from one to two hours every night. Moreover, you can have four to seven dreams in one night.

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Sigmund Freud - He is the founder of modern theories about dreams. Humanity owes his statement on the importance of dreams to human life, laying the foundations for the scientific study of dreams. In his book, The Interpretation of Dreams, said: 'I can that there is a psychological technique which can be used to interpret dreams.


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